Your professional for creating beautifully efficient and sustainable spaces for simple living in Wolfville, the Annapolis Valley and the South Shore, Nova Scotia

You've likely heard of down-sizing, possibly even considered it for yourself.  But, let's call it what it really is  -  right-sizing.

After all, adjusting your home or your vision of your dream home to a scale that's appropriate for your family, your lifestyle, your values, and your budget, is about making design choices that are sized right.

So, whether you need a little help with a big project or a lot of help with a little project, I can help you choose what's right for you.

Working Together

From something small, like selecting a sofa; to something big, like building a new home,  my services are sized to fit you and your budget.  I'll be your guide through the confusing variety of options and opportunities on the market.

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What is Design for Simple Living? 

  • forward thinking
  • long lasting
  • cost saving

And, it creates a space for:

  • scale-able living
  • living intentionally with authenticity
  • freedom to be yourself
  • caring for the environment
  • balanced living
  • self-sufficiency

Mod House Design in Canning, NS

You may have seen this modern home in your travels north of Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley.  Learn more about this award winning design.

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