"Deborah will guide you toward the best expression of your personal style to create a comfortable, beautiful home." - Sarah Gillis


What clients have to say

"The first thought I had when awakening this morning was that I needed to send you a message to express how pleased Shirley and I are with what you have done for us. The work with the furniture, designs, colors, carpets et al was terrific. Then what you were able to create with the prints and paintings we had to work with is like magic.
It is very unusual for me to express via email, which speaks to the impact.
I always think that I have fairly accurate expectations about the results or predictions of how things will turn out.  However your initial work far exceeded my expectation.  Then, in as great as your work was, in my wildest imagination I couldn't have imagined what you could do with the paintings, prints and framed wall hangings. Further you did this work so seemingly effortlessly and with such reassuring confidence.  I was amazed.
Shirley and I keep telling each other how much we love what we see as we walk around the house during our normal activity.  Thank you."
- Danny & Shirley


“ During our new build we were making 100’s of decisions and never certain they were correct, Our decision process slowed dramatically when it came to lighting choices (and placement) and paint colours to the point that we were holding up the work. In very short order Deborah helped us with paint and lighting choices that were exactly what was needed. Deborah helped us make the right decisions quickly with fantastic results” - Kelly and Daryl Fraser



"Deborah directed her talent, skill and creativity to creating, for us, a lighting plan that still continues to wow us and make us smile every day! She was able to create a plan that allows our personalities to come through, yet the lighting flows seamlessly in and around our home. With her guidance, we were able to make selections that we LOVE, that meet our lighting needs, and kept us on track with our budget. Deborah's sense of design and style is impeccable!" - Kerri and Jeff Goode


"My partner and I built a new home in 2013/2014.  We had the pleasure of working with Deborah Nicholson of Atlantic Lighting Studio.  We first met her at a home show and immediately began communicating and working with her, even before construction began.   Deborah was brilliant!  She completed a lighting plan for our home and guided us through the process of choosing every fixture and bulb.  We have been in our new home for a few months and are loving Deborah’s work.   We never would have achieved this result without her!  Thank you Deborah!"  - Melanie MacFarlane


"Deborah is extremely knowledgeable, and I am amazed at her suggestions for improvements and additions to my condo lighting. My unit is in a very old house, with an odd layout, and tends to be a little dark. However, I am now extremely confident that I have it right thanks to Deborah." - Fred Blinn

"Thank you for all of your help in making my selections. I truly could not have wished for better service - my grandmother and I both left feeling like valued customers." - Tracy C.

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Fine Homes Magazine 2015



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