Don’t know where to start?  Can’t decide on a look?  Suffering from the “I’ll know it when I see it” syndrome, but still haven’t seen it?

Here, the focus is on re-furbishing and re-purposing the best or the most sentimental of what you have, then adding in the new to bring it all home.

I’ll guide you through the dizzying choices of paints, fabrics, furniture, art, rugs, window coverings and accessories.  I’ll help you hone in on your own personal style and show you how you can bring your vision of the perfect space to life in a functional, cohesive design.

A Colour Consultation with Paint Schedule will having you feeling confident about your colour choices.

On-Site or On-Line Space & Lighting Design Consultation
Get expert advice by the hour

Together, we'll assess your existing furnishings and your need for new pieces.  You'll have a professional Furniture Plan so you’ll know what goes where and how it all fits together

You’ll have a view of the big picture and the small details  with Design Boards, featuring suggested furnishings, accessories and fittings.

* Homes and light commercial spaces up to 2400 square feet
* One round of revisions included
* Additional charges may apply

You’ll have a good understanding of what you’ll need to create the look you’re after and this may be all you need to confidently run with your decor styling plan.  If not, I can shop for the exact items and recommend trades services to bring your décor project to life.

Shopping and Planning   As an industry professional, I have access to pricing and expertise that will save you time and money and reduce your stress level.

I offer three tiers of shopping service:

A. You shop,  B. We shop together, or  C. I shop and you relax.

*  Prices, terms, and services are subject to change without notice and  may replace previous arrangements.