I've got it covered

Helping you with your project is a big responsibility and to that end, I carry professional liability insurance through Lloyd's of London.

To be certain that I'm giving you the best possible information and guidance, I am continually taking industry courses and staying up to date on the latest developments, trends and technologies.  Of course, there is more out there in the world of building and renovating than any one person could know, so I'm never afraid to say "Let me find that out for you."

I'm an accredited Interior Decorator through the New York Institute of Art and Design.  I've received numerous course credits from the American Institute of Architects and the Lighting Control Institute. I'm a Certified Lighting Specialist through the American Lighting Association and I've taken many courses through the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  Currently, I'm studying colour consulting with the leading American Colour Consultant, Kate Smith.


Here are some tips on how you can make the most of our time together

Be prepared
You can maximize your time with me at our initial meeting by having a list of questions, plans or sketches with dimensions, photos of furnishings that you’ll be incorporating, and inspiration images of decor styles or objects you love.

I invite you to email me these details in advance of our first meeting so that we can dive right in. The more you can share with me, the more we can accomplish together.

Maximize your time

When we’re meeting, you can make the most of our time by being prepared and putting your phone on silent.  If needed, schedule a babysitter so you can have your hands free. Be sure to book our time when you know your home will be relatively quiet and without distraction so that you can focus on all the great things we’re going to talk about to illuminate your home beautifully!

Be open minded

The best design consultations are a meeting of the minds, a collaborative partnership working to design the best expression of how you live your life.  I may share some ideas with you that you’ve never considered, and I will help you edit your ideas into a more cohesive whole.  Be open to the possibilities – they are probably far greater than you’ve even imagined!