For Those Seeking Sanctuary

embrace the bold interiors of the pitch dark palette

There’s no doubt that it takes real courage to use dark colours inside the home. They aren’t for the faint-hearted but when used well, they have the ability to completely transform a space. So take a deep breath, and embrace the dark side with the atmospheric, dramatic shades in Haymes’ Pitch Dark palette.

Haymes Paint: Pitch Dark palette

The Pitch Dark palette is a mixture of deep moody shades that are equally at home in period homes, as they are in contemporary spaces.

Haymes Paint: Inner Depth and Rubicon

Create a Sense of Space

We’ve all heard the interior rule that if you want to make a space feel bigger, go for white. However, this is a common misconception. In some cases dark colours can give exactly the same impression as white, making a room seem larger, but in a different way. White reflects light, whereas dark colours absorb light to blur edges, giving an illusion of space that is cosy and glamourous. Dark tones can add a sense of depth and contrast to spaces, solving many interior dilemmas.

Haymes Paint: Burgundy and Rubicon

Create a Sense of Sanctuary

People sometimes shy away from using dark tones within their home, however, when used well, they seem to absorb their surroundings, offering a sense of grounding, security and balance to the space. As much as white space provides rest, the hues of Pitch Dark embrace and act as a shield, and thus are a wonderful choice for those places we seek sanctuary, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Haymes Paint: Ironstone and E.A.N.

Create a Sense of Drama

There’s no denying that the colours in Pitch Dark are transformative and dominating and add a new dynamic to a space. They add drama, sophistication, glamour and a sense of luxe. They look incredible when paired with dark timber, highlighting the richness of the wood, as well as reflective glass-topped furniture. Add some greenery for an intimate, atmospheric and refined room.

Haymes Paint: Intrigue and Coal Mine

Create a Neutral Backdrop

It seems contradictory to suggest such an imposing palette of hues can work as neutrals. However, Pitch Dark tones highlight other features in a room such as high ceilings and provide definition of architecture. Dark hues make furniture, artwork and accessories pop.

Haymes Paint: Blue Mosaic

Your home is your sanctuary, so be bold and make the move to the dark side.

Styling by Ruth Welsby and photography by Martina Gemmola for Haymes Paint

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