Lighting placement and selection are as important as your walls and windows.  They need to be planned and considered as one of the major systems in your home or commercial space.

Don’t be left in the dark.  A Lighting Plan, indicating positioning and types of light fixtures, along with details on lighting controls, will provide your electrician with the information he/she needs to light your home effectively, efficiently and beautifully.  $400 - $500

A Design Board will show you lighting selections that will integrate with your architecture and lifestyle, providing you with just the right light.   $200 - $400

* Homes and light commercial spaces up to 2400 square feet
* One round of revisions included
* Additional charges may apply

You’ll have a good understanding of what you’ll need to create the look you’re after and this may be all you need to confidently run with your lighting design plan.  If not, I can shop for the exact lighting fixtures and controls to bring your project to light.

Shopping and Organizing   Items sourced by me and trades services arranged by me are to be purchased through me.  As an industry professional, I have access to pricing that will save you money.
Fee – 10% markup on all goods and services