Style boards - three looks for a TV room

- inviting, comfy, youthful and contemporary in a Georgian-style home

Marrying antiques, art collection and new finds

Modern, graceful lighting

Colour Consulting

Facing a daunting scene of framing, electrical and plumbing runs, concrete floors, and scaffolding; the home owners had great colour ideas, but were at a loss as to how to work out the specifics.  They wanted to decorate their walls with a variety of colours, but didn't want a patchwork feel.  A warm, sunny mood in their north-facing great room was their goal, but they weren't certain how to achieve this.

I suggested Benjamin Moore Amulet.  A hint of yellow in this neutral tan makes it bright and warm - ideal for the north light in a large space.  Once that colour was agreed upon, the other choices began to flow.   Atmospheric proved to be an awesome pairing in the adjacent breakfast nook and the master suite, with Constellation looking fresh in the bathrooms and mudroom.

It was a leap of faith for my clients to try Weimaraner in the guest bedroom/study, but it works beautifully and both agree that, of all the beautiful colour, it's proved to be their favourite!

Beachie and old world light up

Lighitng Design - Upscale Looks in a Small Budget Small Home

At 930 square feet this home design called for small scale fixtures with simple lines.  Not wanting to have uninspired, cheap looking lighting, I shopped for low cost alternatives with interesting forms.

Harmony is achieved throughout by repeating cone and globe shapes.  Reflective metal with clear and white glass keep the fixtures from over powering the small spaces.

Lighting is placed with function in mind as well as with an eye to bouncing light off ceilings and walls to make the spaces feel larger,  light and airy.

Creating layers of lighting by using well planned placement of different types of fixtures, in addition to employing dimmers, the home owners can adjust lighting to enhance the multi-functional aspects of each space in the home.