Deborah was an incredible, creative support throughout every step of our project. From the first meeting, I knew she was listening to our ideas, concerns, and hopes and wanted to help us create a space that was both beautiful and functional; all while respecting our budget! She had an uncanny ability to hone in on our style, but also provide new, fresh ideas that we never would have thought of! Deborah found the right balance of including us in decision-making but not overwhelming us with too many choices during what was a VERY busy time! As a result, we felt very much part of the project and felt ownership of the gorgeous end-result! Deborah is a gem, and a treasure to work with! - Dr. Erin Hennessy

I'm very touched by your kind words Erin. Thank you! Your awesome appreciation of everyone around you inspired the team to do their utmost. You were a delight to collaborate with and I especially appreciate how you trusted my expertise by stepping outside of your comfort zone on a few occasions. Congratulations on your successful project and here's to many happy years in your beautiful, nurturing surroundings!


Deborah took our project on with great enthusiasm and was truly up for the challenge . We engaged Deborah with preliminary plans in hand with the hope that she would challenge us from the "status quo". Deborah was able to make suggestions regarding interior room placement and sizes, siding selections, window placements and sizes etc. From there she moved onto the finer interior details, trim selections, flooring and wall tiles, paint colors, fixture selections, lighting, furniture etc. The list of items and number of tasks seemed endless at times, but Deborah was up to the challenge and presented us with options within the appropriate timelines for each stage of our project, and most definitely challenged our status quo to enable us to design a home that is everything we could have dreamt of and then some! - Allan Melvin and Heather Galbraith

It was easy to be enthusiastic about your home build, Heather and Allan! You both had great ideas and were open to being challenged to take a few chances. You engaged me to help you design a harmonious and practical home that would accommodate your growing and changing needs over the years. You also wanted my help to nudge you outside of your comfort zone to create a cheery home with an injection of fun, and together, we succeeded. Yours is a happy home - perfect for you and your growing family! Your kind and thoughtful review means a great deal to me. Thank you!


I have had the great pleasure to work with Deborah Nicholson over the years. Deborah was very inspirational when we were listing our home for sale. She re-designed our living space to show it in the best possible light and we consulted with her on paint colours, lighting, and creatively getting the word out to appeal to a wide audience. Deborah is a keen listener, intuitive and so much fun to work with, putting you at ease every step of the way. - Patty M.

Thank you for your kind words Patty. It appears we did such a wonderful job on your home, that you fell in love with it all over again and decided not to move, after all! Thank you for the opportunity to help. 🙂


Deborah is a pleasure to work with. Her expertise of lighting and colour was essential to creating a great result for my new studio and gallery. I highly recommend hiring Deborah Nicholson for your next project. -Ron Hayes

Thank you so much for inviting me to effectively and beautifully light your fabulous studios, art supply store and gallery, Ron! Your art students, shoppers and gallery-goers will certainly appreciate the thoughtful attention to detail that you've devoted to your renovations. Art creation, learning and appreciation will be easy to engage in, in such lovely, well-lit spaces!


Deborah Nicholson helped me with the entire lighting plan in our new home. She listened attentively to my needs and preferences and supplied us with great suggestions including a floor plan and electrical diagram. She was great to work with, very accommodating and did not try to change my style and/or preferences. I would recommend her to anyone building a new home or renovating. - Gabrielle Doucette

Thank you, Gabrielle! We made a good team, didn't we? You had a firm image of the look you were after and, together we found the perfect size, type and style of fixtures for each area in your home. You were open to my guidance on the technical aspects and it really paid off. Your deep jewel-toned walls and high ceilings required special lighting techniques and fixtures,. Pllacement was key, and in that regard, a special thank you is owed to Flav, as he was a perfectionist about getting every light placed exactly according to plan. Bravo to you both! Should you ever build again, I want to be on your team! 🙂


I can't say enough about the excellent results and very reasonable cost. The work with the furniture, designs, colors and carpets was terrific. Then the look created with the prints and paintings we had to work with far exceeded my expectation. This work was carried out so seemingly effortless and with such reassuring confidence. I was amazed. - Danny and Shirley Smith

Thank you Shirley and Danny for your lovely comments and, most of all, for trusting me to sort through your collection of antiques and artworks. It was great fun guiding you both toward bold decisions on what to keep and how to showcase your keepers. Your home is comfortable and friendly with just a little kick of playfulness, very much like it's owners!

From frazzled to confident

I recently worked with a couple who were building their dream home.  They had become so stressed out, they were incapable of making any decisions.  Work on their home had come to a complete stand-still.  I listened intently, and then was able to help them make clear, concrete decisions for cabinetry, finishes, lighting, and paint colours.  I met with their electrician and contractor to clear up confusion so that work could move forward.  Confident once again, my clients went from feeling frazzled to enjoying a renewed passion for their home building project.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed?

There are so many decisions that go into making even the simplest projects turn out on budget and on time AND put a smile on your face.  Whether you’re replacing a chandelier, renovating a bathroom or building a new home, I'll guide you towards developing and implementing a style plan that covers the details and adds colour to your vision.  A renovation or new build can be less stressful and a whole lot more fun with a qualified design professional by your side.