Whether your project is as small as a lamp purchase or as big as building a new home, the advice of a professional Lighting Designer will ensure you have the perfect light right where you need it.

A Lighting Designer saves you money

Paying for professional guidance will ensure that you aren’t lighting your home to excess – wasting money on more light fixtures than are needed; nor under-lighting your home – creating endless future frustration and spending way more money for retro-fit fixes later.

A Lighting Designer will create a realistic budget with you and ensure that you keep to it. There are many options and many price-points available. A Lighting Designer will guide you towards putting your dollars where they count.


A Lighting Designer saves you time

Figuring out the where, what and how of your lighting takes time. Many people rely on their electrician for their lighting, when, really, most electricians don’t have that kind of time. Equally important, your electrician is an expert at being an electrician.

He/she knows code requirements and has years of experience with various lighting installations. But, in most cases your electrician is not a lighting designer nor does he/she have the time or design skills to go shopping for light fixtures on your behalf.

Do you have the time to be your own Lighting Designer? Scheduling your home reno/build project into your already busy life means you’re likely short on time as well.

A Lighting Designer will not only work through all the details of your lighting plan but will also save you oodles of time and money by sorting through the thousands of options out there, creating a shortlist for you to select from. A Lighting Designer will even do all the shopping for you!


A Lighting Designer thinks outside the box and gives a fresh perspective


A Lighting Designer is 50% technical, 50% artist and 50% coach. (Just seeing if you’re paying attention!) A Lighting Designer will ensure your lighting is functional, beautiful AND the best expression of how you live your life – illuminating your home in a way that delights, inspires, soothes, and makes you smile.


As a Certified Lighting Specialist (American Lighting Association) and Accredited Interior Decorator (New York Institute of Art and Design), Deborah will ensure that you see your home in a beautiful light!


“Lighting placement and selection are as important as your walls and windows.  They need to be planned and considered one of the major systems in your home.

The time to think about lighting is at the beginning of your project.”