Beautiful, Livable + Sustainable

Beautiful spaces are necessary to your physical and emotional well-being.

Livability ensures all ages and abilities can enjoy your home to the fullest.

Green design, your well-being, and your pocket book are all key to a sustainable home.


Interior Decor + Design

in Halifax, Annapolis Valley + South Shore, Nova Scotia

Are you concerned about whether you’ll make the best choices for bringing value, beauty, and joyful living to your home?

Relax and let me be

your guide


Whether you have a small design dilemma or an entirely new home to plan and build, as an award winning certified design professional with 20+ years of industry experience, I’ll guide you with creative solutions and sound advice every step of the way.

You’ll accomplish your goal of the perfect-for-you home.  And, you’ll feel confident that you’ve made great choices that add timeless value to your investment and your everyday life.


Simple Steps to Beautiful Spaces

Whether large or small, a well-organized design project follows these steps.
Your design goals may be simple and few, so we’ll breeze through each step. Or, yours may be complex and extensive.  In which case, we’ll dig deep into each phase.

In any case, you’ll receive a clearly defined plan, open communication, and a guiding hand.

As we’ll all be spending a lot of time in our homes, over the next while,

this may be the ideal time for a pleasant diversion – something positive

for you to focus your mind and time on, during this stressful time.

There’s a tremendous amount of planning, designing, and decision making

that can be done through

Video Design in the comfort of your home during this time of self-isolation.

Once the COVID-19 situation is over, supply chains will swing back into full

operation and all the trades and vendors will be ready and eager to get back

to work building and renovating.

I’ve modified my Design Work Session to a video service, so we can

continue to connect and be productive together.   Follow this link for details

and to schedule directly into my calendar.

Video Design Work Session

Deborah Nicholson Custom Design

Design Work Session    $350

Whatever the size and scope of your design project, this is where we begin.

Click here to get started.

This is a real roll-up-your-sleeves work session. You’ll have solutions, gain clarity, learn about resources, and finish up with an action plan to lead you towards your design goals.  This may be all you need, or it may be our first step together.


If your project is larger, we’ll use this time to dig deep into identifying and sorting out your design goals and how they relate to your home, design tastes, budget, expectations, and lifestyle.

Within a few business days, you’ll have a Scope of Work/Design Agreement with a firm Quote, detailing proposed services and actions to help you achieve your design vision.


Deborah Nicholson Initial Consultation

Design Concept*

This is the brainstorming phase of our design process, where we’ll consider and evaluate ideas and solutions. We’ll collaborate to create a single design concept that will be our road map to creating the perfect home for you and your family.

Once you approve of the direction, character, and aesthetic of your project, we’ll arrange a Trades Day for you to meet my preferred trades. This will allow for the trades to see first-hand, gain clarification, trouble shoot with one another, and provide near-firm quotes.


Deborah Nicholson Design Implementation

Design Development *

This is the most design-intensive phase of your project, in which all design elements are developed, including the partition walls and furniture layout, wall, window, floor, and ceiling treatments; furnishings, fixtures, and millwork, colour, finishes, and hardware; and lighting, electrical systems.

At the end of this phase, you’ll have ACTION PLANS for each space, LAYOUT and DESIGN PLANS, PRODUCTS with PRICES and MATERIALS SPECIFICATIONS.

You’ll be able to review and approve the design recommendations and have access to all the details 24/7 in your online studio.

You’ll benefit from my designer preferred pricing, but most importantly, you’ll benefit from my substantial knowledge of and access to the ideal products for your project.


Paper Plane Dreams

Project Implementation*

All the details of your design project will be available to you and the trades in the form of LAYOUT PLANS, CONSTRUCTION PLANS, PAINT SCHEDULE, LIGHTING PLAN, and PRODUCT and MATERIALS SPECIFICATIONS.

You’ll be able to place your orders and make your purchases, simply by approving products and services at your convenience in your online studio.  With clear direction and access to the project details at their fingertips, your trades team will be able to do their best work.

When you have more than one trade involved, I strongly recommend you have a general contractor (GC) on board. This takes the stresses and concerns off of your shoulders. He or she will see that everyone knows what they’re doing and all aspects of your project run smoothly and on schedule.

With the GC’s experience in construction and project management, it’s his/her roll to ensure products and people are where they need to be and on time.  He/she handles  communications and issues. It’s important that you refrain from giving direction and making changes with the individual trades. By directing your questions, ideas and concerns to your general contractor and by encouraging the trades to do the same, your project will run smoothly with few opportunities for miscommunications, errors, or ruffled feathers.

Acting as your agent, my role is to be available to provide clarification to the trades, communicate the progression of works to you, approve shop drawings, and regularly visit your project during construction to ensure that the everything is being done according to the design plan and your wishes.

When your design project is nearing completion, you and I will work together to tend to the finishing touches.  Then, as you sit back and relax in your now perfect-for-you home, you’ll know that you’ve made the best choices!

For a la carte design packages, such as help with paint colour or styling, let’s talk!



* You’ll receive a quote dependent on the Scope of Work for your project.  A $500 deposit will get your home design started and you’ll be invoiced bi-weekly.
Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) 

“Deborah listens. And, without pressuring us in any way, challenges us to consider some bolder and more creative options.  She sees the whole picture while understanding how all the elements will complement one another.

A talented and knowledgeable professional, Deborah is an invaluable consultant, a clear and diplomatic communicator. She’s efficient and organized and, has undoubtedly, saved us many dollars and many costly mistakes!”

– Bonnie Y and Carole V