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Are you concerned about making the best choices to add value to your investment and enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your home?

One good choice

leads to another

Take simple steps for creative design ideas, a clearly defined process, open communication, and a guiding hand from start to finish. Together, we’ll transform your ideas and goals into workable, beautiful solutions above and beyond what you imagined.

Although individual style preferences vary, everyone wants a home that’s calming, friendly, and beautiful – a respite from the hectic, modern world.

Our mission is to see every home, no matter how elaborate or simple, designed to nurture and function for all abilities and ages – so a home always remains home.

We’ll guide you from your initial desire for a better home to that moment when you sit back and smile.  You’ll know the journey has been an exciting one and the results have, indeed, added value to your investment and enhanced your enjoyment of your beautiful home.



Simple Steps to Beautiful Spaces

Whatever the size and scope of your design project, we begin with a Design Work Session.

This is a real roll-up-your-sleeves work session. You’ll have solutions, gain clarity, learn about resources, and finish up with an Action Plan to lead you towards your design goals.  Afterwards, you can sign on for our Designer On Call feature. Have your designer available for as little as a few minutes at a time, just when you need design answers. 

Deborah Nicholson Custom Design
Deborah Nicholson Initial Consultation

If your project is larger… 

…we’ll use our Design Work Session to dig deep into identifying and sorting out your design goals and how they relate to your home, design tastes, budget, expectations, and lifestyle.  You’ll learn about our 15 Simple Steps to YOUR Beautiful Spaces, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Our next step will be a Trades Day in your home so our trusted team can learn the scope of your project, take their measurements, and gather the details they’ll need to produce accurate quotes for your project.

Then, we’ll begin the design process, turning your ideas and dreams into creative, beautiful, outside-the-box design solutions so you can live your best life in your home.

Deborah Nicholson Design Implementation

Design Development

This is the creative phase.  Your vision, needs, lifestyle, budget, timeline, home limitations and possibilities are all carefully considered.  We’ll ponder, daydream, sketch, research and distill the best ideas into a well-curated vision of your perfect home.


You’ll have your entire project laid out beautifully before you so can see the big picture and all the details.  You’ll feel confident in your understanding of how your home will look and feel, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to make the transformation.


Paper Plane Dreams

Design Implementation

Now, for the excitement of construction, installation and styling! During this phase, our role is to provide clarification to our Team and regularly visit your project to ensure everything is being done according to the design plan.

With clear direction and access to your project details at their fingertips, your general contractor and trades team will be able to do their best work for you.

As your design project is nearing completion, we’ll ensure every detail is as it should be and your project is photo-ready.  Then, as you sit back and relax, you’ll look around you and know you’ve made all the best choices.

“Deborah listens. And, without pressuring us in any way, challenges us to consider some bolder and more creative options.  She sees the whole picture while understanding how all the elements will complement one another.

A talented and knowledgeable professional, Deborah is an invaluable consultant, a clear and diplomatic communicator. She’s efficient and organized and, has undoubtedly, saved us many dollars and many costly mistakes!”

– Bonnie Y and Carole V