Simple living is about surrounding yourself with people, objects, places, and actions that simply bring a smile to your face.



Deborah-Nicholson-3This is a journey we'll take together.  Your design project is yours.  It's not about my style.   I'm only here to help you take that niggling idea out of your head and turn it into something wonderful.   At the end of our journey together, you'll have a space that you'll be proud to say is truly yours.

Your grandpa's old chair and your collection of harlequin dolls may not be magazine-worthy, but I won't insist you throw them away.  My rule is, if you love it, it stays.  Successful design is about finding solutions to the funny looking and the awkward, creating harmony and beauty throughout your surroundings.

So, how do you measure the successfulness of your space?  By asking these sorts of questions:

  • Does it inspire?
  • Does it soothe?
  • Does it bring out your inner child?
  • Does it provide sanctuary?
  • Does it enable you to perform your tasks well and in comfort?   
  • Does it make you smile?

Magazine perfection is all well and good. But, successful design is about you feeling good in your space.

It’s that simple.


What you can expect

  • see how your vision of the perfect place will come to life
  • know if it will fit and whether it works
  • feel colour-confident and inspired
  • don’t be left in the dark when it comes to lighting
  • enjoy good design to optimize how you live in your home for now and in the future
  • know what needs to happen and when
  • have clear ideas for creative use of space
  • be efficient and environmentally friendly within your budget

Interior, lighting and colour consulting online, or in person if your project is in Wolfville, Halifax, the Annapolis Valley, the South Shore, or basically anywhere is south western Nova Scotia.

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Mod House Design in Canning, NS

You may have seen this modern home in your travels north of Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley.  Learn more about this award winning design.

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mod home Canning NS