The perfect balance of efficiency, function and beauty for your home.

A creative vision for uncluttered spaces, much-loved treasures and fresh ideas. 

A home to share. A home to love. A home that makes you smile.

How can you make that HGTV dream fly for your real-life needs and wants in your home?

Paper Plane Dreams

How do you know what’s best for your home and lifestyle?


How do you choose colours, textures and styles that work together?


How do you avoid costly mistakes and re-do’s?


How do you get from here to a home you’re delighted with?

I don’t want you to struggle. I can help you with:


• creative, efficient, and beautiful solutions

• visuals to show how your spaces will look and function

• the most attractive and practical fittings, finishes, and furnishings for your home

• an understanding of the steps and workflow

Deborah Nicholson Interiors

4 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Design Dream

Deborah Nicholson Discovery Call

Step 1. Free Discovery Call

Every design journey, here, starts with this no-charge, no-obligation Discovery Call.  It’s the perfect opportunity to see if this is the right fit for you and your home.  I would love to learn about your plans and ideas and answer any questions you have about my simple and complete approach.

This 15 to 30 minute phone conversation is easy to schedule and you’ll hear from me within 24 hours to confirm your booking.

Deborah Nicholson Initial Consultation

Step 2. Design Consultation

You’ll find this 3-hour Consultation is an enjoyable and exciting, design solution-packed meeting. We’ll identify your goals, outline your Action Plan and you’ll receive lots of design tips and resource ideas.

If your design goals are simple, or you’re a serious shopper, or a dedicated DIY’er, this may be all you need to take it from here. If not, Step 3 is your next step…

Deborah Nicholson Custom Design

Step 3. Custom Design

Here’s the full picture — plans, budget, visuals, master colour palette, finishes, fittings, furnishing, and shopping lists.  You’ll have easy 24/7 access to all details and documents organized in your private online studio. Imagine knowing exactly what to buy and what happens next!

If you enjoy making on-the-fly decisions, are super organized, and love handling issues that pop up, you’ll be well-prepared to carry on with your Custom Design in hand.  If you’re thinking not, Step 4 is where you’ll be really happy to let me deal with all that stress.

Deborah Nicholson Design Implementation

Step 4. Design Implementation

Here’s where you’ll entrust me to keep your design project moving forward, to handle issues, follow up on orders and delays, communicate with your contractor, and address day-to-day decisions. I want this to be a stress-free, positive and, even, fun experience for you. You’ll receive reports and communications from me when and how it’s most convenient for you.

And that’s all there is to it!  Together, we’ll create a wonderful home for you to share with family and friends.   And to think, it all starts with a few design ideas and a Discovery Call. 

“Deborah listens. And, without pressuring us in any way, challenges us to consider some bolder and more creative options.  She sees the whole picture while understanding how all the elements will complement one another.

A talented and knowledgeable professional, Deborah is an invaluable consultant, a clear and diplomatic communicator. She’s efficient and organized and, has undoubtedly, saved us many dollars and many costly mistakes!”

– Bonnie Y and Carole V