Certified Interior Decorator:  New York School of Interior Design/Sheffield School of Interior Design

Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP)

Colour Consultant: Certified Kate Smith Colour Expert

Lighting Specialist (LS):  American Lighting Association

Healthy Materials Advocate: Parson School of Design

How Deborah became a designer

Deborah’s fascination with home design began before she finished kindergarten, building forts and Barbie dream houses. Quickly progressing to garden shed and deck building with her dad, she gained essential construction skills. After leaving the nest, she transformed her own homes into efficient and joyful spaces.  While a career in renovations and design might have been obvious, Deborah instead chose to follow her love of dogs.

Her talent for coaching people emerged during her tenure as principal of her Toronto-based firm, where she trained families and their canine companions. Once inside her clients’ homes and with the dog training well in hand, conversation would usually turn to the challenges of their living spaces and Deborah’s suggestions were often implemented with enthusiasm.  This should have been her a-ha moment, but it wasn’t.

A desire for a more creative career led Deborah to photography and fine art. While photographing for an architect, her a-ha moment came at last with the realization that her true passion lay not in photographing homes, but in designing homes!

Jump forward sixteen years, marked by several industry certifications and countless design achievements. Today, Deborah is wholeheartedly dedicated to enriching homeowners’ lives with joyful and effortless living. As she often says, ‘That thing you were crazy about doing when you were 6 years old is probably the pathway to your best-ever life.’

“Deborah listens. And, without pressuring us in any way, challenges us to consider some bolder and more creative options.  She sees the whole picture while understanding how all the elements will complement one another.  A talented and knowledgeable professional, Deborah is an invaluable consultant, a clear and diplomatic communicator. She’s efficient and organized and, has undoubtedly, saved us many dollars and many costly mistakes!” – Bonnie + Carole