Deborah Nicholson Interiors


Certified Interior Decorator

Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP)

Certified Colour Consultant

Lighting Specialist (LS)




Hi there!

I would be honoured and delighted to be your guide as you travel from here to awesome.  You’ll need solutions, objects, materials, and spaces to inspire, nurture, and provide a safe haven for you and your family and friends.  I can help you with that.

My design style is mostly your style.   I love getting to know what you like, what your interests are, what makes you laugh, what makes you feel most at home. 

I believe that every home, no matter how elaborate or how simple, needs to be designed to care for and function for people of all abilities and ages, so a home always remains home.  

My concept of home is so much more than the physical shell that surrounds us.   It’s those daily connections we make with all of our senses — as we come through the door, or put dishes away, or chat with a friend, or watch the sunlight stretch across the floor.  When I know that your connections to your home make you smile, then I know I’ve been a good guide on your journey to an awesome home.