Interior Decorator-Deborah Nicholson


Certified Interior Decorator

Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP)

Certified Colour Consultant

Lighting Specialist (LS)




Hi there!


I’m Deborah Nicholson and I would be honoured and delighted to help.

To create a well designed home that’s perfect for you, your family, and friends, I need to know what you like, what your interests are, what makes you laugh, and what makes you feel most at home.

Through clever space planning, responsible material use, repurposing some of what already exists and designing to just the right size, I’ll help you to be eco-friendly, save money and live more joyfully in a better home.

I believe that every home, no matter how elaborate or how simple, needs to be designed to care for and function for all abilities and ages, so your home always remains home.

Experience the inspired comfort that a well-designed home will provide.

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My Guiding Design Prinicipals

Biophilic Design is a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.  It explores our connection with nature and natural elements, not just through the introduction of plants, trees, and natural wood. Biophilia encompasses ideas like daylighting, organic shapes, water features, and better air quality.

We all have a strong positive response to natural environments. Our heart rate slows. Anxiety levels drop. We become more creative and more productive when exposed to natural elements.

Responsible Renovation is focused on the responsible use of materials.  So instead of needlessly throwing things away and contributing to landfill, look for alternative uses. Explore different avenues of donation before discarding. Three simple practices: use renewable materials, let mother nature lead by using biophilic design, and furnish consciously with natural and long-lasting materials and by reclaiming and repurposing vintage pieces.

Living In Place Design is a complete approach to making all homes accessible, comfortable and safe for people of all abilities and ages, so your home always remains home.

Salutogenesis, a word coined from Greek and Latin, to mean health origins, is a measurable aspect of design that can help people operate at peak performance and help them to maintain physical and mental wellbeing.  Salutogenic Design goes a step beyond Biophilic Design by focusing on encouraging active health, productivity, and efficiency.