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Designing and building have been my passion, well, ever since I can remember.  I created places for Fisher Price Little People to live and work.  While playing Monopoly, I imagined people going about the business of living inside the tiny houses and hotels. As I grew, I designed out of this world dwellings for space aliens and creating groovy apartments for Barbie and her friends.  


Even back then, I was fueled with a need to find logical and beautiful solutions to living comfortably and joyfully within a built space.  I’ve learned much since those early days, but my passion for fulfilling people’s dreams of livable and beautiful homes is as inspired as ever!  


I’m a Certified Interior Decorator through the New York Institute of Art and Design and a member of the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators Association.  As a voracious life-long-learner, I collect course credits (CEU’s) from design and build institutions, including the American Institute of Architects, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the Lighting Control Institute.  As well, I’m a Certified Colour Consultant and a Certified Lighting Specialist through the American Lighting Association. Of course, helping you with your project is a big responsibility and to that end, I carry professional liability insurance through Lloyd’s of London.


Certified Interior Decorator, Colour Consultant, and Lighting Specialist

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