Meet Your Decorator

Designing and building have been my passion ever since I was a child.  I progressed from blocks, to Lego, and then to creating places for Fisher Price Little People to live and work.  Ultimately, I was designing out-of-this-world dwellings for space aliens and groovy apartments for Barbie and her friends.  

Even back then, I was fueled with a passion for finding logical and beautiful solutions to living comfortably and joyfully in relation to built spaces. 
I’ve learned much since those early days, but my passion for fulfilling people’s dreams of livable and beautiful homes is as inspired as ever!

I’m a Certified Interior Decorator through the New York Institute of Art and Design and a member of the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators Association.  As a voracious life-long-learner, I collect course credits (CEU’s) from design and build institutions, including the American Institute of Architects, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the Lighting Control Institute.  As well, I’m a Certified Colour Consultant and a Certified Lighting Specialist through the American Lighting Association. Of course, helping you with your project is a big responsibility and to that end, I carry professional liability insurance through Lloyd’s of London.

Certified Interior Decorator, Colour Consultant, and Lighting Specialist