first painting for awakenings is complete

saturday, september 19th is the opening of our latest SEVEN show, entitled AWAKENINGS. my first of 4 paintings is complete. it’s called “who are you?” and is 24″x24″ oil and graphite on cradled wood panel. SEVEN is 6 visual artists and 1 poet. we delight in working together and would love to show you what we’ve been up to since our last show at argyle in halifax. join us at our opening 2pm – 4pm at harvest gallery in wolfville.

photo assignment for the delightful hosts, sandra and dana of the silver shoe b&b. great photo ops for their soon to be launched new website (done by michael gabriel communications). see some of my favourite pics on my website.


Excellent Seven meeting today – under a big tree at Pam’s on a brilliant sunny day. We’re energized and organized. Kelly read her poem – with her words, she paints images of stunning beauty and simplicity. Our show is September is going to be wicked!

In the Gallery at Architectural Record

Welcome to a bright and shiny New Year everyone!  I’m pleased to share some good news –  4 of my architectural images have been accepted by Architectural Record for their Architectural Photographer Gallery.  These were commissioned by Vincent den Hartog, Wolfville architect, featuring his Lawrencetown Memorial Library design. Click here to visit.    Smiles and warm regards, Deborah

artist statement for seven 2007

In case you’re wondering what this Seven show is all about, I’ll share my perspective with you here. Artist Statement I see a truth that shimmers just beneath the surface.  I don’t know if others can see it.  I only know that I’m compelled to look at it and to draw your attention to it.My work is photographs, both old and new, textures, colours and scribbles of pencil and pastel.  Reused materials and an enjoyment of nature’s imperfections of are key elements of my creative process.  Much thought goes into each work, but the realization is quick and emotional – …

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