Living Room Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.2

Above, is the design board vision of how the living room at Hunt’s Point will look when renovations and interior design are complete, in about 4 – 6 weeks.  A warm white, space with reclaimed barn beams, an orange velvet sofa to enhance the grey stone fireplace, and a curly …

Go Wild!

Technology advances in printing are making this possible.  Would you add one of these amazing floral murals to a room in your home?  

Gaining much needed retail space

Popular, but tiny boutique, Jane’s Again in Wolfville became much larger with its recent renovation. With careful space planning, specific colour placement and furnishings that accommodate and showcase merchandise, there’s so much more room in this little shop. Not a square foot was added, yet the space looks and feels doubled in size. It’s more fun than ever to shop at Jane’s Again!

A Matter of Scale

The opulent paneling, wallpaper and moldings may be too much for your home.  But if you love this look, it can be achieved in a scale that’s sized right for your home.  Don’t you just love the modern wall sconce and contemporary casual seating set in this grand room?  

Enthusiastic Clients

I’m always delighted to receive photos from clients who are busting with excitement and pride in their newly decorated spaces.  Here are excerpts from two such emails that I received this past week. Living Room In Progress – “The sofa just came and it is SO beautiful.  We are trying out the arrangement you originally suggested….  Can you tell we are feeling quite excited!…  I am sitting on our new sofa with my laptop on my knees  – enjoying it all!”   – Bonnie and Carole Blending the Old with the New –  “The furniture, designs, colors and carpets are terrific!… We are …

Plant shelf

Turn high ledges into green spaces. A simple version of a living wall or green wall. Water from a step ladder or watering wand. Plants that don’t require frequent watering are ideal.

Design Inspirations

For a sophisticated update, add deep green and grey to the staple aqua and white bathroom.  Of course, these colours will work beautifully in any room!

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