Brightening A Pine Interior

Gisele and Doug travelled a long way to seek some answers.  If I remember correctly, they came to Atlantic Lighting Studio looking for brighter light bulbs than what they could find back home in Cape Breton.  Once they described the lighting challenges they were having, it was clear that brighter bulbs were only part of the solution.
The Challenges:
All the interior surfaces of Gisele and Doug’s home are natural pine.  While cozy and beautiful, wood surfaces eat up a LOT of light.  To make the situation more challenging, the ceilings of exposed joists and boards, suck up even MORE light.
The change in ceiling height from the Kitchen/Dining Area to the Great Room with its 18 foot high ceiling emphasized the cave-like feeling.  While the right pendants over the island could provide good task light, they would add yet another distraction to an already visually busy place.
j. stairs toward kitchen
All that pine and the large window openings provide very little surface from which to reflect light into and around the Great Room.  With the Loft opening onto the Great Room, lighting options where limited to those that can be viewed well from above and below.
 b. from loft #1
The Objectives:
To light up the ceiling of the Kitchen/Dining area, which would help to negate the cave-like feeling and visually raise the ceiling and highlight the beautiful wood.
To provide enough light in task areas – Kitchen counters and cabinets, dining table, and Living Room for reading and crafts.
To transform the dark cave-like space to a warm, inviting, uplifting and glowing one.
To omit light glare.
To find functional yet beautiful light fixtures that look good together without being matchy-matchy and will complement the furnishings and architecture in the open space.
This lovely chandelier provides not only an abundance of much needed light, it looks good when viewed from below and above.  The glass is narrow enough to hide the bulbs when viewed from above, the copper metal work is a nod to the cabin-like feel of Gisele and Doug’s home.  The strong upward curves are a pleasant contrast to the many horizontal planes in the space.
DiningTableThe dining table selection continues the curved metalwork and repeats the lines in the warm honey coloured glass drum.  The large solid form provides a visual anchor.
Gisele and Doug loved the look of school-house lights and opted to place 5 in their Kitchen, These provide ample task light and ambient light to accent both cabinetry and ceiling.   With under cabinet lighting and a charming rail station pendant over their sink, Gisele and Doug can now enjoy cooking after the sun has set.
“I am really pleased with our selections. The chandelier finishes the look of our house. It is the right size and is subtle enough not to compete with the dining room fixture, which is our show piece. Oh the compliments I’ve received. And I like the clean solid look of the schoolhouse fixtures. And best of all, we can see well!  It was a pleasure working with you, Deborah, and I’ve mentioned you to numerous people, because we are so pleased.  If we start any more projects, we know where to go.  Gisele and Doug
Thank you Gisele and Doug for your kind words and for sharing your after photos:
IMG_3988 IMG_4015 IMG_4023
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