Mod House Design – Canning NS.10

My lighting plan is complete and not likely to change very much from now until the end of construction.  Deciding what to light and how to light it was, for me, the easy part.  Deciding which light fixtures to use, proves to be not quite so easy.

In my everyday role as a Lighting Designer, I’m on the outside, not emotionally attached and can objectively assist clients with their lighting projects.  I am decisive with my clients. I can see the big picture, focus on the details and pull together a selection of lights that flow elegantly throughout their built spaces.  For our project, it’s not so simple and I’m not surprised.  This time, I’m very emotionally attached.  This is the first time that I get to design lighting from the ground up for just the two of us!

So, to select one fixture for each space and stick to my choice has proven to be a wee bit of a challenge.  In some spaces I believe I’ve made a final choice.  In other areas, I’m still playing.  These are my selections, to-date, with a little commentary on reasoning.  As usual, I like to start at the front door.

Exterior Entry Doors – This selection won’t change, as we already own six!  Ours are round and don’t protrude quite as much.

Exterior light but round and light gray-










Front Hall – Close to Ceiling – two of these along the hall will break up its length.  Lots of light will shine upward, visually raising the ceiling.  The form and detailing introduce the light fixture styling throughout the rest of the home.

Entry Hall Hinkley3140CM










LivingRoom Matteo C44803Living Room – Pendant over coffee table to illuminate table and faces and reflect light from ceiling.  My aim is to cast patterns of light, adding texture and an intimate mood in the sitting area.  I’m not as keen on this one now, and am looking for a different fixture to achieve the same effect.




Throughout – Ceiling Mounted Mono Points – directional lighting to accent surfaces. Love the reflective chrome!

MonoPoint Dainolite






Main Level Bathroom – Wall Mounted – 4 lights along the vanity wall to achieve this look.  Fills the space with light in a modern and linear way.

Lower Bath LookAchieved with this LED 6″ diameter light.

Lower Bath Wall







Upper Bath Vanity Pendant Eglo92739AUpper Bath – Pendants for vanity lighting. Pendants instead of wall sconces are a great way to light up a bathroom. The light is doubled when reflected in the mirror.  The key to using pendants is to place them close to the wall with the body of the pendant just a little above eye level.  Hard to tell from the photo – the grass blades are chrome.



There are several areas where a row of 3 or 4 keyless sockets with bare LED bulbs will provide ambient light.  That’s right, bare bulbs in these things…

upper wall





The look I’m going for is this…

Keyless Socket w LED A19












Kitchen Island – 3 Pendants to direct strong task lighting onto what will be our main work surface.  Rather than going for omnidirectional pendants that light up the space, I’ll use light reflected off the upper cabinets to provide ambient light and to silhouette these pendants.

Kitchen Island








My Studio Space – two of these Pendants will be very cool.  They’ll provide great task and ambient light suspended over my table.  This comes in black and white, but I can’t resist the mint green.  Besides, a surprise of colour will be gorgeous.

D Studio

Master Bedroom – this Drum shines like chrome when it’s off, reflecting light in the room.  When it’s lit, the bulbs and frame glow through the material – soft and subtle.












Michael’s Studio will be lit by Mono Points directed to the walls and cabinets.  This will expand the space by reflecting light back.  He will need task light over his work area.  Rather than going with yet more directional light, I’ll introduce strong movable lines – structure and functionality.  Here are some ideas…

M Studio Task2

M Studio Task

















M Studio3 M Studio4 sofa




















Until next time…

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