Mod House Design – Canning NS.12

OK.  We’re back.  After two and half months of meetings, waiting for replies and researching options – all in an effort to stay the course of building small and staying within budget –  we are surprisingly calm and feeling that all will fall into place in the best possible ways.

The deadline of June 30th is looming largely on the horizon.  On that date, we must either commit to an entire additional year in our rental accommodation or plan to be out on September 30th.  We never imagined that eight and a half months of our rental year would be swallowed up with waiting, revising and waiting.  We have three months to complete or we’ll have to cool our jets for another year.

Since we began, we’ve met many thoughtful and kind professionals who’ve done their best to help us with our project, but we were recently blown away by the enthusiasm of a dynamic group of people.  They picked up a dropped ball that had left us stranded for 5 weeks –  first by replying to our after hours inquiry – and then by following up with an early morning call.  The representative immediately made arrangements to drive 3.5 hours to meet with us and he had a preliminary plan and quote in-hand.  The following week we were touring their facilities and finalizing our house plans.  The team that has been so on the ball, responsive, and thoroughly interested? – Kent Homes in New Brunswick.

Interested is actually a gross understatement.  These folks are uber-passionate about what they do and they’re super excited to have the opportunity to build our dream home.  In one week, Laura, Jeff, David and the team at Kent Homes have renewed our faith in excellent client-care in the home building industry.  They’ve put the fun back into the whole process.

Laura thoughtfully booked us into a nearby hotel overnight so we would be well rested for our busy day of house planning at their facilities.


Kent Homes released a new prototype home called the Tech Home at the end of February.  They’re super excited about this new style of prefab home and we’re super excited because the Tech Home, is in many ways, just what we had been dreaming of building.  Serendipity has brought us to Kent Homes and if all continues as it has so far, we will meet our deadline, meet our budget and be in our new home before the end of September.

Learn more about Kent Homes and their new tech home here:  Tech Home



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