Mod House Design – Canning NS.14

Our nearly finalized plan with Kent Homes is here! Just a couple of minor tweeks and we’ll be able to sign off and get scheduled. This image is very small, so if you’re like me and enjoy walking yourself through floor plans, click on this link for the larger sized PDF Plan
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Perhaps you’d enjoy a brief tour?

Well, first off, the features that are key to making this our dream home are based on how we actually live and what we like to see from various perspectives throughout our day to day activities.  It’s all in the details, they say.  And so it is. Details such as, when entering the front door on the north side (top of the plan),  you can see right through to the garden side of the house (something I’ve always admired in Architectural Digest!).  straight through view

We’ll have a powder room.  “A second bath is a non-essential luxury when building on a budget” … we’ve been told. We beg to differ!

Laundry can be done in a bright sunny central spot.  A place to fold? Don’t need it – we always fold on the dining table.





Ttree house windowshe windows for both bathrooms are high and small and square with awning openings.  Why?  Because they remind me of tree house windows and our house will be surrounded by orchard trees.



Kitchen window backsplash

The cost of creating a window back splash would be budget-breaking.  But we can achieve a similar look with two long windows (both with a section that opens, awning-style).  This will illuminate the counter tops during the day – an important consideration as the south facing window will be at our backs, causing us to cast shadows on our counter top tasks.  Rather than turning on lights during the day, the windows will provide free light.  They will also provide cross-ventilation and afford us a northward view when we’re seated in the main living space and we’ll be able to see who’s coming to the door!

step in closetThere’s no room for walk-in closets in our small home, but Laura at Kent Homes designed step-in closets for us and I think we’ll be just as happy with those!

There’s more, of course. So tune in next time!



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