Mod House Design – Canning NS.22

Word is in – the site prep work starts in two days.  Yay!  I can hardly believe it!

Flinstone QuarryI poured over the final plans last night until well past my bedtime.  The last little corrections and adjustments are being done before the production drawings begin tomorrow.  And then changes and corrections will be quite difficult to make.

Tip:  There are many professionals working on your house plans, but it’s very easy for any one of them and several of them together to miss certain details.  You have your vision and you know what you want your home to be.  Pay attention to every detail from every angle.  Imagine walking up to your home and through each room and all around the exterior.

Create a mental image of what you’ll see as you stand in each location.  Imagine in great detail how each area will function – is there room for each appliance and piece of furniture? Are pathways wide enough?  Do you have the ideal amount of room on counter surfaces?  Are receptacles and lighting controls in the best places for you?  Do you like what you see from every angle?

I realize this may sound quite challenging, but it’s well worth the effort.  I do these mental walk-throughs before I fall asleep each night and, quite often, instead of watching a movie.

While you do hire professionals to design and build your home, it’s not all-consuming for them.  They have their own lives and homes and usually other projects to keep in mind.  This is YOUR special project and it needs a lot of your attention (which leads me to another tip…)

Another Tip:  Don’t schedule much in your life during your scheduled build time and for a few months afterward (as delays are to be expected).  Building is stressful and time-consuming.  Be kind to yourself and don’t add undue pressure to your life – like changing jobs and having out-of-town guests.  (Ha Ha!  Both of which I’ve just done!)

Click this link for a little teaser video that Kent Homes sent us today:


So, site prep starts this Wednesday with Shane MacLean manning the excavator.  If you’re passing by, give him a honk and wave…. and take photos to post on Facebook!   I’ll be working and will have to miss most of day one.  Boo….


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