Mod House Design – Canning NS.23

Site preparation is underway!  Our lot has been cleared, culvert installed, driveway created.  Shane MacLean, owner of ASR Excavating and Landscaping had it all done in less than 1.5 days.   Here’s the ground crew: Jamie, Dawson, Scott, Shane (on the phone) and Jeff from Kent Homes.  Jamie and Scott are our Postech guys who’ll be installing the posts that our house will sit on.

ground crew on siteShane offered to let me try my hand at in the KubodaIt was absolutely necessary to bring the surveyor in to determine the exact placement of our house.  There’s very little wiggle room within the setbacks.  To gain much needed space inside, we had to extend our home to 63 feet long.  This meant turning the house a little further to the west.  We lost our due south exposure, but we’re not too far off and we’re pleased that our studio window on the east side will look out toward the big willow tree instead of the neighbours across the street.

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