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In a recent post, I’d wondered at how the team at Kent Homes gets the newly built floor up off the factory floor and onto the tracks to move it along the line.  Laura Maillet at Kent Homes has kindly provided an explanation with photos.

Hi Deborah,

I am happy to fill you in on details concerning how we build homes!

As you may remember from your tour; our plant is L shaped. Early in the building process (along the base of the L) your floor and walls are being built simultaneously; the roof starts with just a bit of delay.

Laura and MichaelThese pieces travel along the base of the L toward the join at the bottom where they will meet the main assembly line. You could imagine it as 3 feeder lines to the main stream where the house will flow to completion.

Along the very bottom of the base of the L is where the floor is made.

Our Plumbing

Although our main goal here at Kent Homes is to build our customers dream home there are many aspects of the process that are critical to your homes’ quality and our workers’ safety. The floor system starts literally on the floor where the heavy lumber can be assembled on a flat level surface. The frame work is laid out and assembled as required by your homes’ individual layout.

Our homes are built very soundly, building code requirements aside; they need to be able to handle our roads!  The next step for your home will be sheathing in the floor and then installing the room layout templates on the sheathing.

Plant2Our workers safety and comfort is important to us and continuous improvement efforts always focus on this area. Construction requires repetitive movements with heavy tools. Whenever possible the work is elevated or lowered to place it in the best position to reduce ergonomic stress.




For example once the floor is framed it is elevated with the use of overhead cranes onto stands allowing insulation and wiring to be worked on at a comfortable height.

Plant 1Now the floor will have reached the very bottom corner of the L and it is time to start on the main line.



This is also accomplished with the use of overhead cranes. The cranes run along tracks in this section of our plant. Once the perimeter of the floor has been secured with lifting hooks attached by chains to the cranes the floor is lifted off the stands and the cranes roll it forward over the line where it is lowered onto carriages of metal axles and wheels which run on train like tracks embedded in the plant floor.




From this point forward the unit is pushed along the line like a sideways train car.

Thanks Laura for your description of this process and for your photos!

Until next time…




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