Mod House Design – Canning NS.31

Progress seems to be made quickly on a factory-built home.  Here are the latest images from Laura at Kent Homes.  The opening on the left is our studio window which will face toward the road.  The openings visible down the side of the structure are the two kitchen windows.


IMG_0596The flooring is laid before the walls are installed and then it is covered with heavy plastic to protect it.  This is our silver oak vinyl plank flooring.  I’m REALLY hoping that the pattern doesn’t repeat too often – fingers crossed!




This will be the south facing side.  It’s so much fun for us to watch what has only existed in our imaginations and in two dimensions on paper, become a three dimensional reality!

IMG_0599This is the view from the living area into the studio.

IMG_06014rThis is the view down the hallway from the dining area to the bedroom.  There are three tall windows in the hall and the window at the end affords a glimpse out to the west from the living area.

At 36″ wide, this hall width meets code, but it looks quite narrow.  When the interior width is only 15 feet, wanting more space in one area means having to give it up elsewhere.  We opted for the most space possible in the bathroom and powder room.

I planned the high ceiling and three tall windows for the hall to offset the hall’s narrowness.  While it can be difficult to imagine it from this photo, I’m feeling pretty confident that these design features will succeed in making this area feel bright and airy.

Here is a view towards the front door (the opening on the right) and the powder room.  The square opening and the one to the left are windows for the powder room and bathroom.

1rI must admit, so far, everything is looking just as I imagined it would.  The distances and sight-lines are in sink with my many imaginary walk-throughs.

Until next time…

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