Mod House Design – Canning NS.33

Drywall is up, rigid board is on and windows are going in!

005OK, now I’m starting to get excited.

Here are photos of the latest happenings at Kent Homes.

This is the view from the living area down the hall to the master bedroom.




The bed in a box is taking shape.

007Rigid board going on the exterior.

002Our little pink house!

008IMG_0670One of the hall windows viewed from the inside.  The windows are all casement and awning, which are more air-tight than double hung.  We are also pleased to have no mullions which tend to chop up the view.  Bonus! with casement and awning windows, the screens are on the interior side and can be easily removed during non-bug seasons, further enhancing the clarity of the views.


My favourite photo of a week of many exciting photos, is this next one.  That’s right, our windows are grey!  I couldn’t bear to put white windows on a dark grey house.  It’s a beautiful look on a traditional home, but our’s is anything but traditional.

IMG_0668Until next time…













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