Mod House Design – Canning NS.34

Spice is nice and it’s the colour of our new front door.

IMG_20151009_164113Looking through the front door, you can see the hall closet and the window beyond.

IMG_20151009_164706This is our black metal roof, nearly complete.  The house on the right is our neighbour on the production line.IMG_20151009_164532This is our kitchen.  These two windows will be between the counter and the upper cabinets.  Eager to see the Adorne lighting controls and receptacles installed!  Watch for an upcoming post on the Adorne product line – not your boring old light switch!

IMG_20151009_164254Looking into the living/dining room from the entry hall.  The closet in the foreground is only 7 feet tall to allow for light and heat to pass over top.  The bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling will be replaced with mono point directional lights which will accent the heating stove/fireplace and the built-in shelving.

IMG_20151009_164357Until next time….

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2 thoughts on “Mod House Design – Canning NS.34”

  1. Hey neighbour! I was pleasantly surprised to see my house next to yours on the assembly line when a mutual friend showed me your blog. Hope all goes well with your delivery!

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