Mod House Design – Canning NS.35


Many months ago, a new lighting rep entered our lives at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  Mark MacDonald of Innovative Electrical Sales introduced us to Adorne by Legrand.  We were excited, inspired and enthusiastic beyond words. (We were actually jumping up and down and clapping.)  Silly, yes, but you may do the same when you explore Adorne on their website or in person at Atlantic Lighting Studio.  Adorne has offered us a world of beautiful – a departure from the same old boring lighting controls and receptacles that have dulled down our home designs for decades.

Shown above, is the colour way and style of controls I selected for our home.  My goal to maintain a neutral colour scheme was seriously tested as I had to resist all these glorious colours!

Adorne-6Adorne offers some truly innovative ideas and their controls and receptacles don’t cost any more than the boring comparables.

Adorne-3We are including this innovation in our design.  It’s a nightlight with three brightness settings.  With a flick of a finger below the plate, it can be set to on all the time, off all the time or on only when it’s dark.  If you need a flash light, simply pop the square out and take it with you!

Adorne offers a highly useful and inspiring website with current Canadian prices.  Their controls and receptacles can be installed in regular wall boxes and are designed for do-it-yourselfers.  Detailed instructional videos are easy to follow.  Visit their site here and talk to the team at Atlantic Lighting Studio for more details.

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