Mod House Design – Canning NS.37

End of production in the plant is set for Monday, the 19th of October, so changes are happening quickly!  Here is the latest round of photos…

IMG_0697This is our built-in dresser in our bedroom.  There will be an electric fireplace on the wall above.







IMG_0698Here is our built-in headboard with wall mounted night stands.  The holes are junction boxes for bedside reading lights.



Here is the vanity in the main bath before the sink is installed.  There will also be very sleek handles installed on the tops of each drawer and door. The open space on the right is for a laundry hamper.









This is the powder room cabinet with sink and faucet; both Danica from American Standard.  Because our home is small, we have chosen the same cabinetry throughout with the same countertops, sinks and faucets in both bathrooms.



These are our Adorne lighting controls for the kitchen and living area.  The darker unit on the upper left is the nightlight/flashlight that I described in a recent post.






And kitchen under production.  The refrigerator goes on the left, the range where the cabinet installer is kneeling, and the dishwasher in the other opening.  Trim will go above the cabinets so there will be no gap between them and the bulk head.

IMG_0701IMG_0702I’ve considered not mentioning a certain misinterpretation of instructions that has occurred.  But it will have to come up as some point in our conversations with the team at Kent Homes.  It’s not something that can be changed now and it’s certainly not the worst thing that could happen, but it does change the look of the kitchen and the amount of storage space in the cabinets.  I think that in the fairness of being open and honest throughout this blog chronicle of our project, I do need to address this in the hopes that it may help someone with their plans.

Here it is – we wanted the windows in the kitchen to be down low, as close to the counter top as possible with full height upper cabinets above, with the bottoms of the upper cabinets  at the same level all the way across.  The windows were meant to be the backsplash in a sense.  It was discussed during meetings and we emailed inspiration photos with descriptions.  So we were surprised to see this rather different interpretation materialize.

We can see how what we have, could be the result of what we conveyed.  It certainly is one interpretation of what we asked for.  Communication is truly a fascinating thing.  We had no idea that we’d end up with short upper cabinets and higher windows and I’m sure the folks at Kent Homes had no idea that this was not what we meant.

So, no fault and certainly no blame.  When I consider how many people and how much time and distraction is inherent in a build project, it’s really a wonder that a great many more miscommunications don’t occur.

Tip:  Explain your vision in writing and in person and include as many photos and drawings as you can to make your goals clear.  And then be prepared for the possibility that your vision will be interpreted in an entirely surprisingly new way!

So far, 99% of our project is materializing precisely as we had envisioned and I know that’s far far better than the average and, for that, I am incredibly grateful.

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