Mod House Design – Canning NS.41

Work in and around our newly landed home, has begun in earnest and we see progress at every visit.  If it were possible, we would be there ALL the time.  But, of course, we would be in the way and we wouldn’t get much of anything else done.  So, instead, we stop in a couple of times a day, bringing baked goods and hot drinks for the crew.

C360_2015-11-10-11-29-35-807The propane installers from Total Energy in Kentville were the first to get to work.  Our heat stove has been assembled and is being vented and made ready for firing up as I write this.  Mark and Steve promised to call us so we can dash over and see it light up for the first time!

Steve from Total Energy installed our on-demand propane domestic hot water system. It’s tucked in neatly beneath the air exchanger, taking up very little space.  This little box will heat hot water for a household of four and, rather than keeping 40 gallons of water hot 24/7, it only heats what you need when you need it.


I must say, we hadn’t expected the venting of the system to look like it does – really big white pipes sticking way out like they do.   They are as high as the are to meet code, these need to be 5 feet away from the air exchange intake, which will be where the white patch is. Since our little mechanical room is only 3 feet wide and beside the front door…

The propane portion of our project was arranged by Michael and I.  We sent the specifications for our appliances to Kent Homes who,prior to constructions, consulted a propane installer to be certain that spacing, framing, venting and locating would all meet code, would function well and would look as good as possible.

Designing our home was a balance of space-saving, economics and aesthetics.  Sometimes the first two win out over the third.   Chris at Total Energy advises that we can paint the white vents to blend in with the house.  🙂


True to their word, our propane installers called us over so we could witness the first firing up of our lovely Valor Madrona Contemporary radiant heat stove.  A very exciting moment for Michael and I!  Our stove will be our main heat source, a thing of beauty and the heart of our little home.  Whenever I’ve imagined being in our new home, the scene has always been set in front of our Valor stove.



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