Benjamin Moore 2019 Colour of the Year - Metropolitan

One Step Ahead

What fun! Interestingly, it seems that I’m often ahead of the pack in selecting colour palettes for my clients. We’re just finishing painting a townhome condo in colours I selected with my client on September 29th and here we are, on October 11, being presented with the new 2019 colour …

colour swatches on carpet

Home at Hunt’s Point.5 – selecting a colour palette

For me, developing a colour palette always starts with understanding how my client would like to feel in any given space and at various times.  Then I explore how the values, hues and intensities of colours resonate with my client.  Next, I look at creating harmony with the architecture and …

Modern Farmhouse

Painting New Colours – What to Expect

Reaching the decision to change the colours on your walls is a feat in itself.  Then, you discover there are thousands and thousands  of paint colours to choose from.  It’s enough to intimidate even the most decisive of people. The ideal way to save yourself from days, weeks (I even …

Living Room Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.2

Above, is the design board vision of how the living room at Hunt’s Point will look when renovations and interior design are complete, in about 4 – 6 weeks.  A warm white, space with reclaimed barn beams, an orange velvet sofa to enhance the grey stone fireplace, and a curly …

The Restorative Power of Colour

We long for the restorative power of nature. We dream of a calmer, slower-paced way of living. Surrounding ourselves with soft, muted colour rests the eye and rests the spirit.  

Featured Interior and Lighting Design Projects

I’m excited to be sharing some of my latest Wolfville, Annapolis Valley and other Nova Scotia design projects!  View my new interior decor and lighting design portfolio.   #lightingnovascotia  #decoratornovascotia  #annapolisvalleydecorator