Library Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.6 – combining library and dining

Not many people use their formal dining rooms for dining these days.  A library was high on the list of priorities for my client and she likes to entertain dinner guests on occasion.  So we combined the two purposes.  We knocked out a wall and re-purposed an un-needed guest bedroom …

Living Room Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.2

Above, is the design board vision of how the living room at Hunt’s Point will look when renovations and interior design are complete, in about 4 – 6 weeks.  A warm white, space with reclaimed barn beams, an orange velvet sofa to enhance the grey stone fireplace, and a curly …

Featured Interior and Lighting Design Projects

I’m excited to be sharing some of my latest Wolfville, Annapolis Valley and other Nova Scotia design projects!  View my new interior decor and lighting design portfolio.   #lightingnovascotia  #decoratornovascotia  #annapolisvalleydecorator    

Mod House Design – Canning NS.14

Our nearly finalized plan with Kent Homes is here! Just a couple of minor tweeks and we’ll be able to sign off and get scheduled. This image is very small, so if you’re like me and enjoy walking yourself through floor plans, click on this link for the larger sized PDF Plan Perhaps you’d enjoy a brief tour? Well, first off, the features that are key to making this our dream home are based on how we actually live and what we like to see from various perspectives throughout our day to day activities.  It’s all in the details, they …