Home at Hunt’s Point.2

Above, is the design board vision of how the living room at Hunt’s Point will look when renovations and interior design are complete, in about 4 – 6 weeks.  A warm white, space with reclaimed barn beams, an orange velvet sofa to enhance the grey stone fireplace, and a curly black chandelier to fill this 12 foot high space with sparkle.

Here’s where we started in January.  White and blue checked wallpaper (everywhere!) that was so hard to look at, even the camera couldn’t focus on it!  The gorgeous stone fireplace was smothered in all that blue trim.  This is a big fireplace and it looked tiny with all the blue lines zipping around in all directions.


This massive wall was so imposing, it created a claustrophobic feel, in spite of the large ocean-facing windows, opposite.  The wall blocked the breezes, the light and the 360 degree view.

Down comes the wall and the room beyond will be transformed into a library/dining area and will draw visitors from the tiny foyer (seen at the far left) into the bright, inviting, open living room, beyond.

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