Kitchen Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.3

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Home at Hunt’s Point.3

Above, is the design board for the kitchen.  This features some of the elements, colours, and feel or mood for this space.

We started in January with a truly workable kitchen layout and a huge amount of counter surface.  The cabinets are solid wood and customized with oodles of in-cabinet storage features.

The only downside to the kitchen was the smallness of the space allocated for the refrigerator.  But this home was designed over 30 years ago and most people didn’t think about large refrigerators back then.  After considering refrigerator relocation options, my client opted to keep the refrigerator where it is and go with a taller model.  We’ll cut into the overhead cabinet to accommodate.

This is a house with great bones and a kitchen that really only needed cosmetic updates.

However, my first emotional response, on seeing this room, was frustration at not being able to see more of the ocean view.


So, by replacing the sink wall cabinets with windows, the entire ocean front side of this home is open to the stunning views.  Just this one small change has transformed the feel of this room.  My wish for my client to delight in every moment she spends in her kitchen is realized!

wall of windows kitchen