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Home at Hunt’s Point.6 – combining library and dining

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Home at Hunt’s Point.6 – combining library and dining

Not many people use their formal dining rooms for dining these days.  A library was high on the list of priorities for my client and she likes to entertain dinner guests on occasion.  So we combined the two purposes.  We knocked out a wall and re-purposed an un-needed guest bedroom into a library/dining room.

Here’s where we started.

The bedroom was behind this wall and that dark little area was the entrance into the house.

over-powering wall

A windowed entry door and an opened up space make for a brighter and more welcoming arrival.

inviting entry door

Looking from the great room, the library/dining area feels like a shelter from the stormy seas, which can be viewed across the great room out the expanse of windows.  The salvaged mid 19th century porch posts accentuate the transition from large open space to smaller intimate space.

From the entry way, the light, bright living room and kitchen, delights and welcomes you in.

transition from entry to great room

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