Lighting Design : French Shore – Lighting With Panache

With a flair for decor and a husband who builds, Gabrielle had most of her project well in hand.  What she and husband, Flav, needed was a lighting professional who could embrace their design goals and create functional solutions to the lighting challenges inherent in all homes with dark colours and high spaces.

We worked together via phone and email, due to distance and scheduling.  Yet, I was confident that, despite, not having seen their home, every light fixture would be the ideal size, type and style.

To my delight, when I visited the following summer I saw that Gabrielle and Flav had followed my plan to the letter!  Every fixture and recessed light was place precisely where I had specified on the plan.  Even when structure interfered with a location, Flav would create a work-around to ensure the light was right where it should be.

In lighting, even small deviations from the plan can have obvious negative consequences.  so, chapeau and merci beaucoup to Gabrielle and Flav for doing the light right!

Gabrielle had this to say: “Deborah Nicholson helped me with the entire lighting plan in our new home. She listened attentively to my needs and preferences and supplied us with great suggestions including a floor plan and electrical diagram. She was great to work with, very accommodating and did not try to change my style and/or preferences. I would recommend her to anyone building a new home or renovating.” – Gabrielle Doucette