Mod House Canning, NS – Painted and Landscaped

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Mod House Canning, NS – Painted and Landscaped


entrance with Heather Lawson garden statue

It’s been 1.5 years since we moved into our modern modular home and 1.5 years since I last posted under the title Building Small on North Avenue.    It’s been 1.5 years of landscaping our place and mostly working on design projects for my clients.  If any one is still following and still curious, here are the final completed photos.

Choosing paint colours took quite a while, but it’s done.  Once again, painter, Brad Graves from Kentville, did excellent work. (Email me if you’d like his number.)  I’m happy with the colours.  I wanted to challenge myself by choosing colours I wouldn’t normally choose for myself.  It’s important that the colours are true to the style of the home and I wanted to make choices are at the head of the trend towards muted neutrals, mauves and oranges.  I used colour blocking through out and I’m pleased with the fresh, contemporary look.   Of course I’m already envisioning other colour palettes, but putting my husband through more painting would be just mean. Lol!

As for landscaping, a year ago, this place looked like a house hovering over some dirt.  With guidance from landscape designer, Tim Amos and loads of rocks and gravel and  earth moving experience from excavator, Shane McLean, the land around us has taken shape. Our home is becoming part of the landscape.  We have a chemical-free pond full of happy (and prolific) goldfish,  all sorts of low-maintenance perennials and shrubs and we’ve surrounded ourselves with a natural meadow of no-maintenance grasses and gravel pathways.

1.5 years along and strangers still come to our door to ask for tours.  The movement towards building smaller, efficient, well-thought out homes is growing and more homes like ours will be popping up in The Valley.  Perhaps you’re considering reducing your expenses and your foot-print?   I would be delighted to help and invite you to email me at





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  1. WOW: Your home looks great. I wish I could visit you.
    Congratulations on your business. I wish you very well with it.
    Love your photo. You look like a very successful business lady.
    Love & Hugs. Aunt Margaret

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