Interior/Exterior Design and Lighting Design :  Colourful Home in Pereau

New home construction – interior and exterior finishes, hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, furnishings, layout, cabinetry, mill-work, and colour for a young family in Pereau, Nova Scotia.  Please see below for this client’s review of my design contributions to this relaxed modern farmhouse. Home in Pereau – Deborah took our project on with great enthusiasm and was…


Shibui Thoughts

Fellow Tai Chi student, Kim Smith, shared this information with me, from Wikipedia, on the concept of Shibumi.  The aesthetic is something I could certainly embrace.  I believe I will contemplate how shibui can and does inspire my creativity.  Thanks Kim!   Shibui (渋い) (adjective), shibumi (渋み) (noun), or shibusa (渋さ) (noun) are Japanese words which refer to a particular aesthetic of…