Shibui Thoughts

Fellow Tai Chi student, Kim Smith, shared this information with me, from Wikipedia, on the concept of Shibumi.  The aesthetic is something I could certainly embrace.  I believe I will contemplate how shibui can and does inspire my creativity.  Thanks Kim!   Shibui (渋い) (adjective), shibumi (渋み) (noun), or shibusa (渋さ) (noun) are Japanese words which refer to a particular aesthetic of…

Kitchen Design Board

Home at Hunt’s Point.3

Above, is the design board for the kitchen.  This features some of the elements, colours, and feel or mood for this space. We started in January with a truly workable kitchen layout and a huge amount of counter surface.  The cabinets are solid wood and customized with oodles of in-cabinet storage features. The only downside…