Client Love

Lily's River Paradise

We purchased a lovely house in the Valley and moved from southern Ontario five months ago, knowing there was a lot of work in front of us to make it into our dream home. Deborah has been with us all the way, guiding us in everything from paint selection to furniture selection to lighting. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but at the same time respectful of our needs and preferences. Deborah is expert at many different facets of decorating, but we are particularly awed at her colour sense and her instinctive grasp of what we really want, even when we haven't quite recognized it yet ourselves. Deborah is a master at using her time efficiently, and we were impressed at the amount of work she did for us in what amounted to a small number of hours. We highly recommend Deborah for projects both large and small.

Anne & Bob

colour blocked fireplace
Litchfield on the Lake

The whole look is what I was after dear Deborah!! Very calming, open, light and spacious. You are spot on!

Catherine Vaughan

A Happy Place

Deborah is a delight to work with, she listens well and stays calm no matter what. Her diplomacy when dealing with trades and suppliers is awesome to see. While we are only about 1/2 thru our demolition & renovation, I know that the end result will be the home I envisioned. I can't imagine doing this without her! Thank you Deborah for all your patience and hard work!

Lorraine Jones

So Nice, We'll Stay

I have had the great pleasure to work with Deborah Nicholson over the years. Deborah was very inspirational when we were listing our home for sale. She re-designed our living space to show it in the best possible light and we consulted with her on paint colours, lighting, and creatively getting the word out to appeal to a wide audience. Deborah is a keen listener, intuitive and so much fun to work with, putting you at ease every step of the way.

Patty M.

What to Add In, What to Leave Out

I can't say enough about the excellent results and very reasonable cost. The work with the furniture, designs, colors and carpets was terrific. Then the look created with the prints and paintings we had to work with far exceeded my expectation. This work was carried out so seemingly effortless and with such reassuring confidence. I was amazed.

Danny & Shirley Smith

ancient cottage - colour consult
definitely NOT a clown house

Deborah is amazing with colour! We hired her to help with our 200 year old cottage that we're reviving. She was able to take my crazy ideas and turn them into something cohesive that flows from one room to the other (Not the clown house I likely would have designed myself.)

Her process is impressive as she moves through the house and creates a palette that we love but could never have figured out ourselves.

Lynn Henderson

Air BnB

In one short meeting, Deborah was able to give us some very helpful, affordable, suggestions about lighting, colour & "hiding" some unmovable objects we had to contend with. She is deeply knowledgeable about available products, and technical details. I can not recommend her highly enough. She uses her keen eye for style to create practical & beautiful realities. Thank you Deborah.

Dawn Higgins

Lighting with Panache

Deborah Nicholson helped me with the entire lighting plan in our new home. She listened attentively to my needs and preferences and supplied us with great suggestions including a floor plan and electrical diagram. She was great to work with, very accommodating and did not try to change my style and/or preferences. I would recommend her to anyone building a new home or renovating.

Gabrielle Doucette

ArtCan Studio & Gallery
Canning Art Studio & Gallery

Deborah is a pleasure to work with. Her expertise of lighting and colour was essential to creating a great result for my new studio and gallery. I highly recommend hiring Deborah Nicholson for your next project.

Ron Hayes

Art Installation

Deborah, although we only had the opportunity to work for one day together, I learned a lot from the experience and enjoyed it immensely.  As you will recall, I had a number of paintings and mirrors (over 60) that I wanted hung in my newly purchased condo.  I so badly needed the input of a professional interior decorator to assist me - and you were perfect for the job!  You were particularly good at bringing a number of art works together in a collage which was both very interesting and balanced. Your eye for colour and design is amazing - you helped to make every room come alive.

Thank you for your helping to make my condo a home.  I have definitely recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. 

Carmel Myles

Creative Space for Scientist
Scientist's Creative Zone

We have had the good fortune of working with Deborah Nicholson. We are newcomers to Nova Scotia and purchased a house that required numerous renovations, from changing lighting fixtures to reworking floors, bathroom sinks and toilets, interior design/decoration, remodelling the fireplace and even creating a workspace that includes a sophisticated desk for use with multiple computers and monitors. Deborah displayed ingenuity, efficiency, an incredible creative prowess and communication skills that made our transition to our new home painless and resulted in a living environment that catered to our needs at an affordable price. Because of her excellent work, professionalism, meticulous attention to details and care, we highly recommend her services in all of the aforementioned capacities.

Jeanne & Philip

removing wall - adding dining space
A house therapist

I am so pleased with my design and color selection experience with Deborah. She is so perky and effervescent in her love of design. I like her sense of style! And so professional. I describe her as a house therapist, who listened with care and attentiveness to all of my house woes and wishes. Her suggestions reflected her astuteness to my concerns. I feel like I am going out on a bit of limb with some of the anticipated changes to my home. Deborah instills a sense of confidence and support with my wish to be a bit more adventurous. I will let you know how it all goes....

If you are looking for a professional, skillful collaborator on your project, I would highly recommend Deborah.....and her website interface makes it all so easy and doable. I had easy communications between our consultations, and the website interface made it easy to share photos, color schemes, style themes with ease. She also sourced many of the items that would have taken me weeks to find.


Family Home in Pereau - New Build - Full Interior and Exterior Design

Deborah took our project on with great enthusiasm and was truly up for the challenge. We engaged Deborah with preliminary plans in hand with the hope that she would challenge us from the "status quo". Deborah was able to make suggestions regarding interior room placement and sizes, siding selections, window placements, and sizes, etc. From there she moved onto the finer interior details, trim selections, flooring, and wall tiles, paint colors, fixture selections, lighting, furniture, etc. The list of items and the number of tasks seemed endless at times, but Deborah was up to the challenge and presented us with options within the appropriate timelines for each stage of our project, and most definitely challenged our status quo to enable us to design a home that is everything we could have dreamt of and then some!

Heather and Alan Melvin

Luckily for us...
Deborah, working with you has been such a pleasure. My husband and I had a very general idea of what we wanted for a finished product but had absolutely no idea of the first steps to take to make that vision come to life.  Luckily for us, we found you!  Having never worked with an interior decorator before, we had no idea what to expect for services. You provided more than we ever could have anticipated, and we’re so pleased with the results.

Michele and Ken Rerrie