the lakehouse

Back in January when interior designer, Betty Ann Balcom, first brought me to The Lakehouse it was in the messy midst of renovations.  Paint colours, flooring, fixtures, tiles, countertops, and lighting had yet to be finalized.

Fast forward 6 months. I step into a freshly transformed home, my breath catches in my chest and tears well into my eyes. It’s, as they say, breath-taking!   Colours, surfaces and fittings support and inspire one another, flowing gracefully and serenely throughout each room.  The house actually breathes in the muted colour tones of life on a Nova Scotian water’s edge.  I’m enthralled!

I gleefully fill the next seven hours capturing the essence of the space.  Here are a select few of my 300 images, with more to follow in the days ahead.  The interior designer on this project was, as I’ve mentioned, Betty Ann Balcom with lighting fixtures provided by Atlantic Lighting Studio in Wolfville.

next time I’ll focus on the marriage of the lake front exterior with the interior colours

forgive the stair-centric focus – they’re just so lovely
one happy (and tired) interior designer. Bravo Betty Ann!

Until next time,

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