The Naked Crepe Re-Design – Phase Two

Thanks to the lovely people who have invited me to play a role in their design projects this past year, 2016 has been a great time of building for me - building in the sense of the interesting projects I've worked on and of growing my business.

The downside has been that I've had very little time to share projects on my blog.  But, I've made a promise to myself (and to anyone who's reading) to post at least once a month.   Now, a little past-due, here is Phase Two of The Naked Crepe Re-Design.

Before I think too much about colours, finishes and furnishings, I develop a floor plan and try to consider everything in black and white.  It's not always easy to stick to black and white, as colours are so seductive and highly distracting.  We fall in love with a colour and it can blind us, in a sense, from making good choices.

So, sticking to black and white, here is the floor plan, indicating furniture and lighting placements.


The plan is always to scale (meaning everything is drawn to its actual size).  This is the only way to determine what will fit and if there is sufficient room for moving about and performing tasks.

Once a plan is finalized, I draw elevations so I and my clients can see a vertical view of key areas.  In a small space such as this, with all directions on public display, all four directions are key.

As viewed from the entry way
The view to the left
The view to the right
Looking towards the front of the restaurant

Here are photos of the final result.  Thanks for your interest!