Well Done! Contemporary Lighting

If you were to ask me to summarize what makes me so passionate about lighting design, I would have to say, “It’s the satisfaction of creating beauty, harmony and functionality that positively affects the lives of my clients each and every day.”

Here is a selection of images that recent lighting clients (let’s call them C and S) graciously agreed to let me photograph and showcase here.  This lovely couple knew they liked clean and modern lighting but beyond that, they didn’t know how to pull it together.  I’m honoured that they trusted me to determine placement and selections to light their spaces properly, beautifully and affordably.

AC SloaneS made the first decisive selection with this graceful, modern chandelier for their dining table and the rest flowed from there.

As an aside from lighting, this is, hands-down, the best decorative treatment of a indoor head for a heat pump I’ve seen.  Instead of ignoring it, C and S have incorporated it into an arrangement.  The effect being;  you know it’s there, but you don’t mind it so much.   web-1015004The perfect pairing: two chrome pendants over the island.  Thank you C and S for stepping out of your comfort zone and saying yes to chrome.  It works here beautifully!

web-1014994web-1014996And thank you electrician for placing the pendants at the specified height of bottoms at 30″ above the counter.  It works!

The recessed lights are placed over the leading edge of the counters to provide task light and to reflect light off the upper cabinets.  If you do this and keep your upper cabinet colour light, you can use down light pendants such as these and still have plenty of ambient light.

Notice the receptacles in the backsplash?  C and S fell for Adorne switches, dimmers and counter height receptacles for their home.  These add a modern European flair.  Colour and finish choices offer opportunity for creative fun.  Check out Adorne here.









Change up wall plate colours in different areas of the home to express your style.

The living area demanded lighting that would show off the tallness and airiness of the space.  Recessed accent lights on the large upper wall visually opens the area, preventing the wall from looming.  One day, artwork will be accented beautifully there, but for now, the lovely expanse of grey has soft washes of light to keep things friendly.  My impression of C and S is that they’re low-key and easy going, but I detected a sense of fun just under the surface.  What better way to express this than with a whimsical light fixture that is a perfect compliment to the angles of the upper hall and the other lights and decor elements.web-1014993In fact all of C and S’s lighting captures this fun, yet soft side of their style.  I think you’ll agree that this contemporary home is tastefully and beautifully lit throughout!

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Well Done! Contemporary Lighting”

  1. Fabulous pictures and writing! Thanks for making us sound so hip and cool!! LOL Scott’s tickled to get credit for his role in the selections.

    Also, a sincere thanks for Atlantic Lighting’s gift of the upstairs vanity light. Very kind!

    It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. We never hesitate to recommend Atlantic Lighting—or you in particular. It’s wonderful to have such expertise in a local business. If not for your help, we would have been overwhelmed and ended up with the standard lighting plan and not necessarily the best lighting.


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