works of exchange reawaken the love of travel 

This is taken from Elissa’s review of our exhibition at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

“SEVEN members journey through art By ELISSA BARNARD Arts Reporter, Chronicle Herald, Halifax

This exhibit, at the Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing, focuses on Denmark and the experience of the group SEVEN — six female Annapolis Valley visual artists and one poet who went to that country in August…

… The show is interesting because their experience is rarely translated literally. These multi-media artists are thoughtful, thorough and imaginative. They get at the feeling of travel, how it opens up the spirit and how it can be dislocating.

Deborah Nicholson talks about dislocation using mannequins in store windows on crowded urban streets. Her style of drawing makes one think of puzzle pieces in these layered, thoughtful collages in pale colours with gold. Painted on panel, she sometimes lets the wood surface come through. When the mannequins have heads, their faces are ill-defined.

It’s interesting that the mannequins are advertising a “New Collection” and represent an exchange of clothes for money, an added layer in this ephemeral visual story…”

Thank you Elissa!

Until next time, Deborah

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