We keep our design services flexible to meet all our clients’ various working preferences. Some folks have smaller projects in mind, or plan to tackle one area of their home at a time. Others may need a quick turn-around in preparation for a special event or for listing their home. Many home owners prefer to be hands-on. And then some are eager to have us design every space and select every fixture, finish, and furnishing. We’ll meet you where you are.

Our super-power is transforming ho-hum into brilliantly efficient and joyful.  We pour our industry knowledge and creativity energy into the best design for you and your family.  We don’t project manage, but we can introduce you to some great people who do. And, we can be available during your project implementation to clarify and problem-solve right along side you and your contractor.

Design Dash


  • A Design Dash is chalk-full of creative, practical ideas and useful resources
  • Before we meet, you’ll receive our Design Questionnaire where you’ll share your project details so we can jump right into design solutions when we meet
  • We’ll collaborate on your project during your 3 hour roll-up-your-sleeves Design Work Session (DWS)
  • Questions will bubble up over the next week or two, so write them down and we’ll answer them during…
  • … your 30 minute Virtual Design Work Session Follow Up, held up to two weeks after your DWS
  • Travel charge $0.60/per km over 30 kms from our studio
  • Continue to tap into our designer expertise with Designer On Call


$3250 per Space

This is a Design Dash with ongoing collaboration and Deliverables (Deliverables are tools to support your project)

  • We start off just like a Design Dash with your Design Questionnaire plus you’ll also receive budget guidance and additional support, as needed
  • We’ll begin to collaborate on your project with your 3 hour roll-up-your-sleeves Design Work Session (DWS)

Here’s where it’s different…

  • during your DWS, we’ll determine the Deliverables you’ll need to move your project forward
  • We’ll create your Deliverables behind the scenes and put them together in a Design Plan
  • You’ll receive a recorded video presentation of your Design Plan, which you can watch and re-watch at your convenience
  • We’ll bring in samples and go shopping together if it makes sense for your project
  • If there’s something you’d like to change from your presentation, you’ll have 4 business days to let us know by email. Included, are one revision of 4 products and one round of revisions of your floor plan
  • Two 30 minute Virtual DWS Follow Ups within one month of your presentation
  • So, what are Deliverables – you may wondering.  Check out the list in the next box, under Deliverables
  • Our time devoted to your project is tracked and summarized on your bi-weekly invoice. Your retainer is applied to each invoice based on our hourly design fee of $125
  • Your retainer of $3250 secures your place in our project queue and when you’re ready to fly solo, we’ll returned the unused portion after all invoices have been paid
  • A Space is any area that could be enclosed with walls and feel like its own room. Pricing for smaller spaces is adjusted based on size, design needs, and overall project scope such as powder room, foyer, and mudroom.
  • One Design+Deliver is applied per Space.  For example, if 3 Spaces are within the project scope, mulitply Design+Deliver fee by 3. (A Kitchen may be considered as 2 Spaces)
  • Purchasing and Implementation services are not included.  But are available in our by the hour Designer On Call service
  • Travel charge $0.60/per km over 30 kms from our studio
  • You can also continue to tap into our designer expertise by the hour with Designer On Call


Deliverables for any package may include, as required:

  • Floor Plans, featuring building enhancements, furniture placements, and cabinetry layouts – understand what fits where
  • Inspiration Images and Key Elevations – visualize how your home will look from  various angles on digital Design Boards
  • Picture-based Shopping List of finishes, fittings, and furnishings – make your purchases at your convenience
  • Action Plan/Scope of Work and Budget- know what needs to be done and in what order
  • Guides on what to expect and useful design tips
  • Lighting Design and Lighting Plan with placement, type and fixture selections presented in a shoppable image-based Shopping List
  • These Deliverables work for kitchens, bathrooms, all other rooms, and exteriors
  • Design+Deliver is a must to access these Deliverables

Designer On Call

$125 per hour

Keep the momentum going with Designer On Call

  • Have your designer standing by for questions, second opinions, guidance for you and your contractor/trades, for purchasing and arranging deliveries, for sourcing lighting, hardware and furnishings, creating Deliverables –  anything that’s beyond the scope or time frame of your Design Dash or Design+Deliver service
  • Have professional guidance in-home, at a showroom, by video call, text or email
  • Tracked in 15 minute increments and summarized on your bi-weekly invoice, this design service is based on our hourly design fee of $125
  • A retainer of $950 will secure your place in our project queue and when you’re ready to fly solo, will be returned to you in full after all invoices have been paid
  • Designer On Call has no expiring date
  • Design Dash or Design+Deliver is a prerequisite for this service
  • Travel charge $0.60/per km over 30 kms from our studio

Just Colour Please


  • Colour is the foundation of the whole look and feel of your home.  It can hide the flaws and enhance the positives
  • If colour has you confused, we’ve got you covered
  • Avoid the frustration and wasted effort/money of badly chosen colour
  • Up to 2.5 hour Colour Work Session (CWS)
  • Plus 15 minute post-session follow video call (booked during your CWS)
  • A Master Palette paint list
  • Paint swatches
  • Guides on what to expect for paint and wallpaper
  • Paint product recommendations
  • Wall treatment guidance
  • Leads on wall treatment professionals
  • Travel charge $0.60/per km over 30 kms from our studio

For a deep dive into how your design experience works, download your Design Experience Guide PDF here.



We shape your home for Living In Place.  It’s a complete approach to making your home accessible, comfortable, and safe for you and loved ones of all abilities and ages.  So, no matter what life tosses your way, your home always remains home.

Instead of throwing away and contributing to landfill, we look for opportunities to repurpose. And, we go the extra distance to furnish and finish with natural, local, handcrafted, vintage, and long-lasting goods.

We ensure your home is well connected to nature through organic shapes, natural elements, daylighting, and authentic materials.  All people have a strong positive response to natural environments. Our heart rate slows. Anxiety levels drop. We become more creative, calmer, and happier.

We focus on the responsible use of materials. We’re concerned about chemicals that pose harm to human health and our planet, so we work hard to keep antimicrobials, PVCs, flame retardants, repellents, and VOCs out of your home design.  

Watch the Six Classes Approach to Reducing Chemical Harm videos to learn more.