We give you the full benefit of our creative solution-finding expertise.  We guide you toward the best decisions for layouts, moods, finishes, fittings, fixtures, and furnishings for you and your home.  From a single room to a whole home re-fresh, kitchen or bathroom renovation, a new home, or a new-to-you home design; we‘re your creative, your innovator, your advisor, and cheerleader from start to finish.



We shape your home for Living In Place.  It’s a complete approach to making your home accessible, comfortable, and safe for you and loved ones of all abilities and ages.  So, no matter what life tosses your way, your home always remains home.

We ensure your home is well connected with nature through organic shapes, natural elements, daylighting, and authentic materials.  All people have a strong positive response to natural environments. Our heart rate slows. Anxiety levels drop. We become more creative, calmer, and happier.

We focus on the responsible use of materials. We’re concerned about chemicals that pose harm to human health and our planet, so we do our best to keep antimicrobials, PVCs, flame retardants, repellents, and VOCs including formaldehyde out of your home design. Watch the Six Classes Approach to Reducing Chemical Harm videos to learn more.  Instead of needlessly throwing away and contributing to landfill, we look for opportunities to repurpose. We go the extra distance to furnish and finish with natural, local, handcrafted, vintage, and long-lasting goods.


Think of your design project like a road trip…


You may want to enjoy the scenery and leave the driving to us.  In which case, you’ll be most comfortable with our Concept to Completion Service.  If you see the value in investing in a home that stands above the ordinary with our most creative design work and attentive guidance this is how we’ll roll.


Perhaps you’re a Do-It-Yourself-er.  Then you’ll likely want to do the driving and have us pull out the map once in a while. Our Self Directed Service is the path for you.


Either way, we’re here to make your home design journey a successful and happy one.


Read through our plans below to select the road that’s best for you. If you’re not sure, we can help you choose. Perhaps a hybrid approach is best for you.  That’s easy to arrange!   Click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Video Call. We’ll be in touch within one business day to greet you and get you underway.

Self Directed – design solutions just as you need them

If you have that DIY spirit, this is a great way to tap into our design expertise.

Design Work Session


  • Think of this as your Cliff Notes for interior design.
  • It’s a efficient 2.5 hour work session just right for solving your design dilemmas
  • You’ll have creative and practical ideas and resources that you can action on your own
  • This includes our Design Questionnaire where you’ll share your project details before we meet – this way, we can dig right into design solutions
  • Also included are 30 minutes of follow-up questions by text or in your online studio
  • Continue to tap into our designer brain with our Designer On Call plan
  • Or follow up with another Designer Work Session when you’re ready to tackle your next project
  • (Additional time is $30 per 15 minutes)

Designer On Call - guidance by the hour


  • Designer On Call is for those of you who are comfortable in the driver’s seat
  • It’s professional guidance as you need it
  • Perfect for: design dilemmas, second opinions on your finds, guidance for you and your contractor/trades, lighting and hardware selections, reviewing layouts –  anything you need to make your project a success
  • Use this plan to go shopping at select showrooms with your design professional
  • We can do this in-home, at a showroom, by video call, text or email
  • Tracked in 15 minute packets and summarized on your bi-weekly invoice
  • A retainer of $950 will secure your place in our calendar and will be applied against your final invoice with the balance returned to you
  • A Design Work Session is a prerequisite for this service

Colour Work Session


  • If colour has you confused, we’ve got you covered
  • Avoid the perils of badly chosen colour
  • 2.5 – 3.5 hour Colour Work Session
  • Paint Schedule
  • Paint swatches
  • Paint product recommendations
  • Wall treatment recommendations
  • Suggestions for local paint and wall treatment professionals
  • Due to the nature of colour and light, this is an in-home session only

Concept to Completion – full on designer creativity and expertise

Here, we’re able to do our most in-depth creative design work and focus on the best experience for you.

Concept Work Session


  • If you’re all about sitting back and enjoying the scenery with a professional at the wheel, this 2.5 hour brain-storming design session is where our Full Service Design Plan begins
  • The session is a collaborative discovery phase
  • The focus here is on gathering details to develop your Action Plan and Preliminary Budget
  • And, we’ll dive deep into creating a concept to capture the mood and overall look you’d like for your space
  • (Additional time at this session is $30 per 15 minutes)
  • Creating something wonderful takes time, so we’ll break for a few days and meet again for a Concept Check-In and to present your Quote for Looks+Layouts
  • Depending on the scope of your project, we may schedule an additional Concept Work Session to continue to develop your project foundation prior to the Concept Check-In
  • Your next step after your Concept and Quote Approval is Looks +Layouts

Looks+Layouts (fixed fee)

starting at $2500

  • Get it right, right from the start with a complete design tailored for you 
  • We’ll develop the function, look and feel of your spaces
  • Focus on an Action Plan
  • Understand what fits where with Design Intent Layout drawings
  • Visualize how your space will look from each angle with Inspiration Images and Elevation Drawings
  • Experience the look of key finishes, fittings, fixtures and furnishings with Design Boards and samples
  • One round of revisions after Presentation
  • Room styling and professional photo wrap up session included
  • A fixed fee quote means you can budget with no surprises
  • Every project is unique, so we quote based on your design goals. Generally, fixed fees start at $2500
  • A Concept Work Session is a prerequisite
  • After this plan, you’ll have what you need to do your own shopping and project implementation or leave the shopping and implementation to us
  • Your next stop with us is our Shopping+Procurement service

Shopping+Procurement (fixed fee)

starting at $1000

  • Shopping for anything takes expertise, research and time. If that’s not your thing, relax!  We’ve got this.
  • We’ll select best options and present you with a complete shopping list on design boards so you can see how it all works together
  • With the click of a button in your private online studio, you can make your purchases
  • Presentation and one round of revisions included
  • A fixed fee quote helps you budget with no surprises
  • Every project is unique, so we quote based on the number of products on your shopping list. Generally, fixed fees start at $1000
  • Once your shopping list is approved, we place your orders, track, and arrange delivery to your home
  • A  Looks+Layouts plan is a prerequisite for this plan

Implementation Services (by the hour)


These services are available by the hour, tracked in 15 minute packets and invoiced twice monthly

  • Measurement taking
  • Additional revisions
  • Construction-ready plans
  • Trades referrals and Trades Day (introductions and explanation of the design to the trades team – includes a site binder of plans and specifications)
  • Implementation guidance to trades and clients during renovation/construction
  • Receiving deliveries on your behalf, arranging extra shipping and storage, and handling deficiencies and damages on your behalf (Shopping+Procurement is a prerequisite)
  • A retainer of $950 will secure your place in our calendar and will be applied against your final invoice with the balance returned to you
  • A Looks+Layouts plan is a prerequisite for the above services