Picture this…

Your home is not a static thing. It’s a place that’s ever-changing. It morphs to suit the ever-changing life that you and your family live in it. Really, your home is a process – a journey, if you will.

Whether you’re decorating a single room, designing a whole home, renovating or building new, there are always Three Phases. Think of these phases like that journey…

First, we work out what you want to see and do along the way (Phase One: The Concept). Next, we plan where you’ll stay, what you’ll see, and what you’ll take along (Phase Two: The Design). Then, you’ll jump in the car and head out on the open road (Phase Three: Implementation).

Every project starts at The Beginning, but every one is unique. You may want to do the driving and have us pull out a map once in a while. Or you may want to enjoy the scenery and leave the driving to us. Either way, our role is to give you just what you need to make your home journey a successful and happy one.

Read through our programs below. The click on a Let’s Talk button and we’ll be in touch within one business day to greet you and get you underway. 

However you choose to roll with us, you’ll find your Action Plan, Layouts, Design Boards, Shopping Lists, Financials, and Communications always easy to access and navigate in your private online studio.

The Beginning


  • This is the Concept Phase. All projects start here with a 2 hour brain-storming design session as we tour your home
  • This package is ideal if you’re want to tap into our designer mind for quick solutions
  • If you’re looking for a deeper design connection, we’ll use this time to focus on gathering details to advance you into Look+Layouts (see next package)
  • Either way, this includes 30 minutes of follow-up questions by text or in-studio messaging
  • We can do this in-home or by video call
  • If you’re keeping it casual, call on us as you need guidance by signing up for a Designer On Call Bundle (see below)

Looks+Layouts (by room)


  • Here is the Design Phase
  • Get it right, right from the start. With a good plan in place, you’re ready to hire your contractor and start shopping
  • Focus – on an Action Plan
  • Understand what fits where – Design Intent Layout drawings
  • Visualize – how your space will look from each angle with Elevation Drawings
  • Experience – the look of finishes, fittings, fixtures and furnishings with Design Boards and samples
  • Up to one round of revisions after Presentation
  • Wrap up room styling and professional photos
  • Every project is unique, so we quote based on your design goals. Generally, the first room is $2500
  • Add more rooms for $1500 each (small spaces, like halls, stairs and entries can be counted as one room)
  • The Beginning package is a prerequisite
  • With this package, you’re ready to do your own shopping and project implementation
  • If you’d like us to source the exact fittings, finishes, fixtures and furnishings, your next stop is our We’re Shopping package

We're Shopping (by room)


  • This is also part of the Design Phase
  • Shopping for anything takes expertise, research and time. If that’s not your thing, leave it to us
  • With the click of a button, you can say yes to your best options for finishes, fittings, fixtures and furnishings
  • Presentation and one round of revisions
  • Purchase directly from our favourite vendors or place your orders through us – all in your private online studio
  • Wrap-up room styling and professional photos
  • Add more rooms for $1500 each (small spaces, like halls, stairs and entries can be counted as one room)
  • We can help with Procurement (tracking, delivery, storage, deficiencies and set up) at our hourly rate (see A-La-Carte)
  • A  Looks+Layout package is a prerequisite for this package

A-La-Carte (by the hour)


  • Here’s the Implementation Phase
  • These services are available by the hour, tracked in 15 minute packets and invoiced twice/monthly
  • Procurement (tracking, delivery, storage, deficiencies and set up) services
  • Measurement taking
  • Additional revisions
  • Construction-ready plans
  • Trades referrals and Trades Day (introductions and explanation of the design to the trades team)
  • Implementation guidance during renovation/construction
  • A Looks+Layout package is a prerequisite for this package

Designer On Call (5 hour bundle)


  • This package is for those of you who are comfortable in the driver’s seat
  • Design guidance as you need it
  • Ideal for: design dilemmas, second opinions on your finds, guidance to you and your contractor/trades, reviewing layouts, anything you need to make your project a success
  • Tracked in 15 minute packets and summarized on your bi-weekly invoice
  • We can do this in-home, by video call, text or email
  • The Beginning package is needed before you can purchase this package

Master Colour Palette


  • If colour is all you need for now, we’ve got you covered
  • 2.5 hour Colour Work Session
  • Paint Schedule
  • Master palette swatches
  • Paint product recommendations
  • Wall treatment recommendations
  • Suggestions for local paint and wall treatment professionals
  • Due to the nature of colour and light, this is an in-home session only

Shopping Vintage (retainer)


  • One of a Kind pieces need quick decisions
  • When we find something amazing, we snap it up …
  • … and transform it into a fabulous functional work of art
  • The Beginning package is a prerequisite

Need a little guidance... or a lot?

Tell us about your project and we’ll help you choose the best approach for you.