Secondary Waiting Area Dental Clinic

Interior Decorating & Lighting Design : Calming and Beautiful Wolfville Dentistry

Dental patients need a calming place. Here, colours set the tone for confidence and relaxation. Inspired by the Fundy waters on a stormy fall day, these colours and textures make a visit to the dentist something to look forward to!

“Deborah was an incredible, creative support throughout every step of our project. From the first meeting, I knew she was listening to our ideas, concerns, and hopes and wanted to help us create a space that was both beautiful and functional; all while respecting our budget! She had an uncanny ability to hone in on our style, but also provide new, fresh ideas that we never would have thought of! Deborah found the right balance of including us in decision-making but not overwhelming us with too many choices during what was a VERY busy time! As a result, we felt very much part of the project and felt ownership of the gorgeous end-result! Deborah is a gem, and a treasure to work with!” – Dr. Erin Hennessy

I’m very touched by your kind words Erin. Thank you! Your awesome appreciation of everyone around you inspired the team to do their utmost. You were a delight to collaborate with and I especially appreciate how you trusted my expertise by stepping outside of your comfort zone on a few occasions. Congratulations on your successful project and here’s to many happy years in your beautiful, nurturing surroundings!