Layering in colour, texture and personality

Michelle and Ken dreamed about transforming their main living and entertaining space from their tried and true traditional style to modern.  They stripped away everything, moving some items to their family room and giving the rest away. On went the new neutral paint colour and in came beautiful, neutral, modern foundation pieces. But try as they might to enjoy the space, it felt unfinished and impersonal.

Much like an abstract painting, creating a modern style can seem very simple to achieve, but once attempted, it soon becomes apparent that it can be more challenging than expected.  Michelle and Ken had succeeded in pulling together items with similar lines, colour tones and style. But what they had missed were the elements that bring personality and livability to a space.

So, Michelle and Ken invited me to help. Conversation over coffee and a tour of their family room revealed to me the stories, mementos, colours and shapes that had been banished, but were still very much a part of their story. We brought a few items back in and used these as inspiration to build a lively, coloured and patterned palette for a modern style with warmth and personality.

Here are photos of the finished look.  Dark grey doors and railings, rugs, artwork and accessories have added character.  This modern space is now lively and vibrant and shares the warmth and the stories of the family who lives here.

Here are some photos, showing where we started…