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The Colour Post

In 2018, I was invited to colour two very different homes. One; a small, time-worn, Nova Scotia vernacular coastal farm house and the other; a modern, Don Roscoe-designed, multi-level and angular, passive solar home. Both clients’ comfort level with colour differed from one another as much as their homes did.

The owner of the modern home knew she wanted a big change, but needed me to boost her colour confidence and gently guide her towards colours that would create the feel and energy that she sought for her home.

Welcoming, contemporary, daring, stylish, unique, Zen, subtly striking, and
comfortable were key words that described the vibe she was seeking.

The old colours made the home feel dated and dark. My client’s fabulous collections from her world travels were difficult to appreciate and the spectacular landscape beyond her windows was visually inaccessible.

Fortunately, the architecture and layout of her home are highly suited to achieving her vision.  With the ideal master palette of colour, her home instantly felt more inviting and sophisticated and became much brighter! The architectural details and her collectibles now appear contemporary, lively and so much more beautiful.

With colour choices and placement, we were able to bring the outside in and make the spaces feel more open, welcoming and serene.  This home is a unique work of architecture and with my client’s desire for a fresh colour palette, and her willingness to let me lead the way, it has become a modern and sophisticated gem.

Here are the finished photos and, below, you’ll see our starting point, with the before images…

Before images…

The second home – the almost 200 year old farm house – is a charming cottage with wood beams, exposed ceilings joists and not a level or plumb line in the entire place!

Every surface in this home was broken up by hodgepodge colour and everywhere trim painted a clinical white that made in all look chaotic, small and dingy.   Paint became the unifying and levelling factor.   

Now, the old worn posts, beams and boards glow and the spaces are harmonious and inviting. 

Completely opposite to my other client, this lady loves vibrant colours! Rather than lead her, my mandate was to hold her back. She laughingly instructed me to restrain her from making her newly purchased place look like a home for retired clowns.

Key words that she selected to describe how she wants her home to feel, were: harmonious, bright, inviting, tranquil, colourful, cozy, personal and happy.

With a rich aqua in the living room and a sunny orange in the north facing kitchen are a success. And while it’s still a work in progress, we can see how colour has made this rustic home charming and friendly. Colour tip: in a home of this vintage, a true white is too cold and modern. A soft Moth Grey feels just right. Here are work in progress photos…

And, here was our starting point….

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