One Step Ahead

What fun! Interestingly, it seems that I’m often ahead of the pack in selecting colour palettes for my clients. We’re just finishing painting a townhome condo in colours I selected with my client on September 29th and here we are, on October 11, being presented with the new 2019 colour palette from Benjamin Moore.  What a kick!  😀

I selected a warm white throughout the main spaces, a warm chocolate brown in the powder room, a deep aubergine purple for the library, and a deep elegant green-blue for the main bedroom.  Here are a couple of in-progress photos.   Don’t miss the completed project photos by subscribing at the bottom of this page.


Library – painting in progress

Purple Library painting in progress - Deborah Nicholson

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 – semi-gloss sheen on ceiling bounces light into a deep room


painting in progress - semi-gloss sheen on ceiling to bounce light in a long room


Rich brown powder room – painting in progress

Rich brown powder room - painting in progress

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