Hunt’s Point Reveal, Exclusive Subscriber Offer, and How To Select Your Ideal Sofa

Home at Hunt’s Point.9 – Finishing Touches

My client is settling in quite nicely to her home at Hunt’s Point. Of course, there are always bits that need some extra attention on a project of this size, but her home is nearly there and it’s beautiful.

Right from our first meeting, my client and I where on the same page. While she may have raised an eyebrow once or twice (three times) at some of my ideas, she trusted that at the end of the day, her home would be everything she imagined and then some. Together, we created a home that would nurture her whimsical spirit and eclectic flair and ensure that all the practicalities of isolated coastal living were seen to.

Our scope of work included: assessing and updating heating, ventilation, and hot water systems, insulating crawlspace, chimney repairs, designing new windows, entry configuration and built-ins, space planning, layout reconfiguration, exterior repairs and painting, floor repairs and tile, new bathrooms, updating kitchen, lighting design, architectural details, paint and wallpaper, furniture refinishing and new purchases.

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See below these two galleries for How to Select Your Idea Sofa.

Nearly There Photos of Hunt’s Point:

Before Photos of Hunt’s Point:

How To Select Your Ideal Sofa for Real Life Living

1.Ensure it meets the needs for how you’ll actually use it, by asking these important questions:  

  • What will this sofa be used for?  Entertaining company? (Sitting up straight and tall?)  
  • Relaxing with a movie or a book?  (Curling up? Lying down?) Is this sofa nap-worthy?
  • Will this sofa usually accommodate one person? Two? Four or more?
  • Will people eat and drink on this sofa?
  • Will pets be on it or rubbing up against it?  Will a pet be using the the top of the back as a perch?

The answers to the above questions will determine the scale and proportions of your sofa.

2.Next, determine how much space you have for a sofa size and configuration:  

  • Draw out a layout of the space.  It doesn’t need to be to scale, but be sure to include all dimensions, along with the location of doors and windows.
  • Measure the entryways into your home and the space.  Not all sofas will fit through all doorways, especially if there’s a nearby wall.
  • Take this with you when you go sofa shopping.

3.Stain-repellent performance fabrics in colours and patterns that are classic and appropriate for the sofa’s intended use.  (Is white really the best option for the activity this sofa will see?)

Now let’s take a look inside:

4.Sofas are not made of concrete.  They will shift, squish and wrinkle and break down over time.  Invest in quality construction and materials. A bargain is not a bargain if it looks shabby and is losing its support within a year or two.  Look for:

5.Good bones. Air-dried hardwoods are the most durable and can be recovered in the future.  Look for sofas with frames for each seat and seat back.

6.Bounce: Low or no VOC foams or feathers with sewn-in baffles will hold up for the long run.  Spring front edges take the pressure off of seat cushions and are a sign of a solid, quality frame.  Look for sinuous springs in the seat deck and sofa back. Drop-in springs are a must for heavy sitters.

7.Comfort: Test-drive with the people who will be using the sofa the most..  When you’re in the showrooms, try many sizes and styles. Try them in the positions that you’ll be in at home.  The looks are not so important at this stage – it’s the comfort and quality that are top priorities. A good quality sofa in a good showroom will have several options for you to customize to create the look you’re after.

8.Ask lots of questions.  Take this article with you for reference.  And, if you’d like expert, objective guidance, take advantage of my sofa shopping package, where I’ll guide you to your ideal sofa for real life living.